New Born Baby Greeting Messages

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What to write on a baby gift basket greeting cards?


Sometimes it's not easy to find the right words to congratulate a new baby arrival. Here is some examples of premade baby greeting messages to help you:



Baby greeting messages


There is no joy like the joy you experience on gazing at your baby’s beautiful, innocent face. Look after her, take care of her and give her all the love she deserves! Best wishes! 


The smiles, the tears, the cuddles, the giggles! All these mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. May you be as good parents as you are friends! Congratulations on a new baby!


 It is so wonderful to see the newest member of your family. He/ She will definitely brighten up your world and make you a far better human being!

Hold your horses, because the cutest little thing in town is now at your house! Congratulations!

Enjoy as much time with your little one as you can now, they grow way too fast! Congratulations!

You must thank God for giving you the gift of new life, and with it, the opportunity to make amends for past mistakes and start a new journey with your family. Best wishes!

Hope you see the beauty of the world in the little one’s smile! Your baby is extremely lucky to have such wonderful parents. Look after it with your life! Congratulations!

With all the joy that this bundle of love brings into your life, there is also a considerable amount of responsibility. This is the beginning of a new life for you, have a good one!

Get ready for a joyous ride! Relive your childhood! Congratulations!

Hugs, kisses and prayers are all I can offer to your lovely young one. Hope he ushers in happiness and fulfillment into your life. Congratulations!

A baby is God’s very own blessing to a family. In the worst of times never forget that God has blessed you, and your child is your true pillar of support.

Welcome to the world of parenting! Forget all the cons you have heard about in jokes, because it really is a nourishing and an enjoyable experience! Congratulations!

May the Almighty shower a myriad of blessings upon your little angel and your family, so that you stay happy forever!

Your baby is now your companion for life, and your pillar of support, not only to look after you in old age, but also to share your joys and sorrows alike throughout this unique journey called parenthood. Best wishes!

A baby’s innocence can purge you of all sins and shortcomings. Hope your newborn enriches your life and makes you an even better person. All the best!

You have just stepped into a brand new phase of life! Nothing else could have been more precious present for such a perfect couple. Love to the cutest kid in the world! Congratulations!

May your child be an amalgamation of the best of both its parents, and reciprocate the love which you will shower upon it! All the best!

It has taken all of nine months, but your moment has now arrived. Congratulations on being given the gift of new life!

From the moment your baby crossed the threshold into its new life, it witnessed the birth of two parents, who have vowed to take care of it with their lives. Stay happy! Congratulations!

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