Most Popular Chocolate

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Perfect for any occasion, this gift basket set includes an assortment of sweet and salty treats, with many popular brands. It’s sure to please kids and adults alike.

Most popular chocolate, kids and adults will love.

Popular chocolate gift basket includes:

SMARTIES – Colourful crunchy sugar coating and a milk chocolate finish. A bright candy treat made for sharing with family and friends. Made in the Nestlé chocolate factory in Toronto from sustainable cocoa.

KITKAT (2) – Have a break, have a KitKat. The sweet treat that has become a global snack favourite. Creamy milk chocolate smothers crispy wafers for the perfect combination of flavours.

HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE BAR – Light milk chocolate with almonds, made by Hershey's. A delicious blend of flavours and textures. Sure to please any chocolate lover.

MAYNARD’S FUZZY PEACH CANDIES - These super-sweet candies taste like a summer peach, with just a hint of sour from the sugary coating. This fruity treat from Maynard's will hit the spot. 

PRETZELS - These artisan salty bites are the harmonious counterpart to all the sweet treats. mix with chocolate for a sweet and salty snack. 

OREO COOKIES – The classic cookie cream sandwich by Nabisco. Crispy chocolate cookies with smooth vanilla cream in between. The best-selling cookie in the U.S. since it was introduced in 1912.

TWIZZLERS – The traditional red liquorice stick with a soft, chewy texture. The candy traces its origins back to Young & Smylie Confectionery of 1845. It's made for sharing and fun to eat.

POPCORN - Locally made amazing caramel popcorn

BASKET – Your gift will arrive in a stylish rectangular basket in a neutral shade. The basket is reusable and is large enough to hold keys and other small household items.

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