Healthy Gift Baskets

Snacking doesn't have to be a guilty indulgence with our healthy gourmet gift baskets. We've curated specialty snacks that you wouldn't know are made with clean, good-for-you ingredients because of their ridiculously flavourful taste. With pure and simple ingredients, these snacks don't use fillers to amp up flavour! Instead, they harness nature's given flavours to enhance and emphasize taste. Our healthy food gift basket ideas incorporate sweet, salty, and an array of textures to make snack time an enjoyable moment, both for the short and long term. With accurate alternatives to well-known and highly-coveted snacks, you won't know the difference unless we told you. If you're looking to swap substitutes for your favourite junk foods, consider these options included in some of our healthy organic gift baskets to send as a healthy gift:

- Gummy bears for dried cranberries: The ridiculously sweet burst of fruit flavour with the super chewy texture make cranberries, and dried fruit in general, a similar snack option to gummy bears! 

- Oat cookies for generic cookies: Made with verified Non-GMO project and gluten free ingredients and free of top 8+ priority allergens, these cookies are deceptively delicious. The melt-in-you-mouth cookies taste is better than the standard chocolate chip cookie!

- Ginger candy: These ginger candies are infused with a tropical mango taste to quickly satiate your sweet tooth. Sweet and spicy, these chew-able candies taste like you picked them from the candy store. 

- Rice Crispy Squares: These classic treats are made with nut-free, organic ingredients and are infused with nutrients from 6 different vegetables! Feel the same great tasty of a guilty snack, minus the guilt! 

Along with our specialty snacks, we have our healthy fruit baskets made with fresh and local produce. Get nutrition straight from its source with the original, nature's candy. We also combine the two to make our healthy gourmet food gift baskets so you can give someone a sweet surprise without compromising anything. 

The best part about our healthy gifts? They're loved by everyone, and are suitable for any occasion! Regardless of how close your relationship is to the recipient, or the reason you're sending them a healthy gift basket assortment in Toronto, our healthy treats and fun fruit options are appreciated by everyone. 

Gifting someone with a gluten allergy? Your search for the most-loved gluten-free snacks ends here. We've curated the top industry options made without junk fillers and nasty chemicals so you can give a friend or colleague the best of the best! Or, is it a tea connoisseur's birthday soon? Our tea gift baskets incorporate the purest blends of antioxidant-rich tea leaves, paired with gourmet indulgences for a sweet balance. 

Our Healthy Gift Basket option includes organic chocolate, protein-packed pea pops, natural kettle potato chips, raw coconut macarons, and an assortment of nuts that pack a mighty punch! This best selling basket covers all your bases with something everyone will enjoy. Taking the classics, and reinventing them with clean and simple ingredients is a fusion not only those with allergies can enjoy. Now you don't have to comprise taste or your health with our selection of fresh and robust goodies! 

Every healthy basket comes wrapped in our premium baskets, with a customized not card and beautiful satin bow. Send organic and natural snack gift baskets to someone in Toronto, or anywhere in Canada with our healthy gift basket delivery service. 

What are some healthy gift basket ideas?

Our health gift baskets incorporate the best selling natural snacks in the industry, as well as freshly-picked, locally-sourced fruits. We prioritize the quality of our healthy gift options that you can not only trust the integrity of ingredients, but also their deceptively clean taste. Enjoy and indulge, without the impending guilt. 

Where to order healthy gift baskets Toronto?

At MyBaskets, we include the top-rated natural snacks in our health gift baskets. You can now send clean, organic, and allergen free snack gift baskets in Canada thanks to fast and reliable same and next day shipping options. Surprise the health-conscious or those with specific dietary requirements with fun and tasty treats! 

What are organic gift basket options? 

We have multiple organic gift basket options, along with gluten-free, and all-fruit baskets to suit all flavour palettes and ingredient preferences. We've curated the best healthy snack options so you can trust you're only getting the best available on the market. Shipping available across Canada to ensure your healthy gift arrives on time.