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Gift For Tea Lovers

Preparing your ideal cup of tea, much like the preparation of coffee, requires a variety of steeping accessories. So when looking for the best gift for tea lovers, keeping an eye out for tea gift baskets which include both great quality loose leaf teas and some useful tea pots or tea strainers. Don't worry if you don't know much about tea, we've made sure to curate the most popular varieties of earl grey tea, english breakfast tea and herbal infusions. Interesting, herbal teas are not actually teas, but rather tisanes and do not contain caffeine. During the summer, hot teas can be made into the most delicious iced teas for pennies on the dollar! 

Unusual Gift For Tea Lovers

Lately with the rise of bubble tea shops, there has been a rediscovery of the value of tea in the west. More and more people are looking for the perfect unusual gift for tea lovers. Surprise her with a loose leaf tea gift basket packed with accessories and tea biscuits! 

What to put with tea as a gift? 

The best things to put with tea as a gift is a quality strainer or steeper. Other great options to consider are a reuseable tea canister to properly store loose leaf tea. Loose leaf tea when stored in a air-tight tea canister can last at least 2 years without loosing any freshness or flavour. If tea leaves are left out in the open, they will loose vibrancy and flavour within 6 months to 1 year. However, keep in mind that tea leaves never expire. They might loose their flavour and crisp flavour over time, but they are still safe to drink. Some varieties of tea are even fermented for years, hundreds of years! These speical aged black teas are sold in tea auctions for thousands of dollars per kilo.

Is it okay to give tea as a gift?

It is completely okay to give tea as a gift, in fact, it's a healthy beverage that was considered a medicine in Chinese medical science for thousands of years! Outside of North America, most countries perceive tea as medicine as well as a recreational/social beverage to enjoy with friends and loved ones. Don't be surprised when the recipient of your tea gift tells you how much they loved your thoughtful gesture. 


Gift Basket With Tea

Warming up with a cup of tea is a feeling that needs to be experienced rather than described. We've curated our gourmet tea collection to make tea time extra special. Grab your favourite mug, boil your water, and steep away your stress with our various tea gift baskets. Calm your mind and nourish your body with the different types of blends you can make. Surprise a tea lover, or someone who deserves a few cups of soothing antioxidants. Teas make great get well soon gift baskets

Our Tea and Breakfast Gift Baskets are a classy way to say thank you to a client or to wish someone a relaxing retirement. Help a friend unwind after a busy week or amp up a connoisseur's collection with our aromatic tea blends. We've accompanied our loose leaf brews with the perfect biscuits and snacks to have your own high tea at anytime. Take a break from work with our signature tea gift baskets that include a variety of chocolate, cookies, and crackers to accompany your soothing drinking experience. Spend some quality me time or steep your friends their own brew for a cozy night in or invigorating early morning rise. Add your favourite leaves to your tea pot and put our shortbread cookies in a saucer for an exceptional afternoon experience. Our choice of artisan brands are made with the finest leaves to ensure the taste of quality. Cozy up on a chilly winter day or pour over ice cubes for a refreshing pitcher of iced tea! The possibilities are endless as we've sourced some of the best options available.

Tea Gift Baskets Canada

Our gift baskets with tea are the perfect package for having your own morning ceremony, regardless of time and place. Carve out a few minutes in your daily routine to inhale the calming aroma of our fresh and premium leaves.

Our signature loose leaf teas are sourced from the most reputable suppliers so we guarantee you're getting the highest quality without the pesticides and never any microplastics. Get out the kettle, it's time to pour yourself a mug! Tea time is more than a mental refresher. The health benefits of this hot drink are real, as well as all its natural flavours are delicious. With all the different types easily available from many different parts of the world deciding what to get can be overwhelming. We've curated the most beneficial and tasty blends so you don't have to spend time researching. We've also broken down what to get for each person in your life in our Tea Gift Guide below, suitable for all your gift ideas:

Ideas for Mom

Need Mother's Day tea gift baskets ideas or a gift for moms-to-be? We recommend peppermint for its bountiful benefits with allergies, common cold, indigestion, and pain relief. It anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties relieve any of these symptoms in a natural, healing way. 

Ideas for Dad

If dad is looking for a holistic approach or is just looking for a way to unwind, look no further! Our earl grey blend provides enough energy for him to kick-start his day! Plus, with its ability to decrease stress, his work day won't be as exhausting. Also, black tea increases good cholesterol while fighting against free radicals! Now he can prevent heart disease with his daily cup.

Ideas for Coworkers

Your colleagues and clients alike are as busy as you are. Make them feel appreciated with the gift of a steaming cup. Along with the delicious cookies and crackers, our English Breakfast blend is the perfect way to make them feel appreciated. Since they're sitting at a desk all day, sipping on English Breakfast can increase good circulation and boost metabolism to make up for their sedentary lifestyle. Plus, with the ability to reduce the risk of heart attack, you can help alleviate the pressures from work.

Our gift baskets delivery service ships across Canada so you can send some self-care to anyone. We offer free delivery on orders of $100 or more with our fast and reliable shipping. With 3-4 days delivery to Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary Vancouver.


Tea Gift Baskets Toronto

We offer same-day shipping to all individual Toronto addresses in the GTA, including Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, etc. so you can give someone a relaxation remedy in a matter of hours. Apart from steeping and drinking, there are plenty of other beneficial uses:

- Reduce under-eye circles and puffiness with cooled tea bags. The caffeine is the star ingredient for this, as well as the antioxidants!

- Add a few fresh bags into your bath for a relaxing tea bath experience...add some epsom salts to amp up the healing properties!

- Create an at-home facial steam by infusing it with green tea bags...an easy and budget-friendly way to get glowing skin!

Its physical benefits are endless, but the mental benefits of holding a warm mug during a stressful work day or when beating a cold is incomparable. The immediate relief of sipping a healing combination of plant-based goodness is

what we are all trying to incorporate into our daily busy lives. They say it's the simple things, and the most simple, unadulterated kinds are the best to consume. Boost your immune system, fight skin disorders, reduce inflammation, improve digestive health, and reduce the risk of heart disease with a delicious cup! The wholesome experience this drink offers us is an affordable luxury suitable for all budgets. Its underrated effect go unappreciated, but with our comforting tea gift baskets, everyone can enjoy it!

Experience an immediate sense of relaxation when you pour yourself this soothing drink.

Give the gift of tea time with one our relaxing tea gift baskets! Send someone this self-care package to experience the deliciously welcoming aroma of the finest tea blends. This aromatic experience is suitable for a range of budgets and appropriate for any occasion! Along with delicious tea biscuits and treats, have yourself a DIY high tea ceremony.

Health truly is wealth, and our gift baskets with tea are the perfect gift way to express that. The simple luxury of tea is a quick way of to get antioxidants, and held a friend relax with our variety of blends. Our tea gift baskets are a great way to make someone feel appreciated and cared for! With fast and reliable shipping across Canada, get it delivered ASAP.

Loose Leaf Tea Gift

Believe it or not, tea is the second most consumed beverage across the globe. And you guessed it, the first one is water! In North America we are in particular a coffee culture, however, most of the rest of the world prefers tea, or chai. Now when deciding which quality of tea to include in a tea lovers gift, the biggest factor to consider is the format. There are pros and cons to both bagged tea and loose leaf tea such as loose leaf can be resteeped and has a more potent flavour. Tea bags are convienient and hard to oversteep, which makes them perfect for on the go. However, tea bags have also recently been found to leech micro plastics into your cup and should be avoided if possible. Fortunately there are now company's who offer biodegradable and plant-based tea bags, which are much better for our health and the environement. 

Earl Grey Tea

Perhaps the most famous and popular variety of tea is called Earl Grey Tea. This is a type of black tea and traditionally it is made with a Sri Lankan grown ceylon black tea. Contrary to what most people think, Earl Grey Tea is not considered it's own category of tea. It is a flavoured black tea. This means that the base tea is black tea, which is what you get when you fully oxidize tea leaves. The oil of bergamot is added to create a deeply flavourful citrus aftertaste. Flavoured teas have become the top selling tea products in North America and have given birth to an entirely new tea market called Luxury Tea Products

All teas come from the same plant, called the camellia sinensis plant. This is a particularly interesting plant because it's highly adaptable and depending on the elevation, climate and temperature, it will create a sister/adapted cousin variety which has it's own unique flavour profile and taste. Since the tea plant was stolen from China by what was perhaps the first act of corporate espionage in the 1800's, it has made it way to over 80 countries which now have their own varieties of the tea leaf. 

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea has been extremely popular in the wellness industry due to it's higher caffeine and antioxidant content. Matcha is a green tea powder which easily dissolves in water and in this case the tea leaves are entirely consumed instead of discarded afterwards. 

Darjeeling Tea

Not all black tea tastes astringent! In Northern India there is a high-altitude tea growing region called Darjeeling. What is unique about this particular region is the tea leaves produced in this special area have a smooth, floral flavour. This is highly unusual for black teas and hence this region became very popular with British Royalty in the early 1900s. Today, Darjeeling Tea is one of the very most premium and highly sought tea varieties. First flush Darjeeling teas can cost $100-$200 per 50g and the same leaves can be resteeped multiple times without loosing much flavour.