Jellycat Plush canada

Adorable Premium Plush Baby Gifts  

Shortly after the successful launch of Sophie the Giraffe that was totally natural, we at My Baskets company did not stop discovering babies’ favorite toys and essentials. We learned that babies love to experience both rubber-made and stuffed animals so decided to add another collection to our Baby Gift Baskets. Among hundreds of soft animal manufacturers, we thoughtfully selected “Jellycat”.

Plushies from London England

Jellycat was established 20 years ago in London England. The name Jellycat was adapted by a kid who was  deeply in love with both jellies and cats and was always thinking of both together in a package.  The soft toy creators behind it worked so hard to combine the coolest designs with luxurious of fabrics. They found their place at some well-known retail and department stores throughout the Europe, US, UK, Canada,  Australia..

Jellycats Bunnies, Puppies and Sheep are kings of all animals and they are not only gorgeous stuffiest but also incredibly durable. They never disappoint any babies or kids and feedback from parents proves that this BOOK AND TOY set become baby’s best friend for many years.

Any item from this collection adds a beautiful touch to our Baby gift baskets/set and make the possibility for you endless. We have picked some here for you to admire. They are irresistibly cuddly and a perfect gift for babies, kids, children. Even many adults love to receive them for their birthdays or any other occasions, so order your whimsical gift basket in Toronto for the same-day delivery at your doorstep.