Anniversary Gift Baskets

Best Anniversary Gifts to Send

Most people assume that you can only give an anniversary gift basket to your partner, but the truth is you can celebrate anniversaries for everyone in your circle. From your grandparents, parents, favourite uncles and aunts, siblings, neighbours, close friends or other family members, our personalized gift basket options are the perfect way to celebrate love for all!

At My Baskets, we've created the best anniversary gifts for your loved one or your friends and family. Our collection of baskets includes his her baskets, wine baskets, spa gift baskets, healthy treats, and so much more! If traditional anniversary gifts aren't doing the trick, try a romantic gift from My Baskets now.

Unique Anniversary Gift Baskets

While the age-old saying "If nothing else works...try chocolate" might get you by for a few years, celebrating your or someone else's year of marriage, dating, or any other special anniversary takes a little more thought and consideration. If you're trying to find great gifts but know next to nothing about the personality and interests of your recipient, then you can opt for faithful wine and chocolate gift baskets.

But, at My Baskets, we can help you find a unique anniversary gift baskets tailored specifically to your recipient's likes and interests. For example, you can find a gourmet tea and coffee basket for any hot beverage-loving couple out there! You can even tailor it further with cup and saucer sets, teapots, and so much more, helping you create a truly unique gift. Whether your recipient falls in love with a wine gift basket, or a basket filled with gourmet foods, we have something for you.

Anniversary Gift Baskets Delivery

Whether you're presenting a gourmet gift for your anniversary on your next date night or sending a gift to someone you love from across Canada, My Baskets can help you in finding the perfect anniversary gift baskets for friends, family or your special someone. We offer same-day anniversary gift baskets delivery in Toronto and free shipping on orders over $100 in Toronto and Quebec. All our anniversary gift baskets are wrapped in cellophane and topped with a beautiful bow and greeting card. Shop online at My Baskets today and take your gift-giving to the next level.

Most people assume that Anniversary Gift Baskets are only meant for partners. But this is not true as you can send this basket for your grandparents, parents, favourite uncles and aunts, siblings, neighbours, close friends or other members of your family. You can get both him her baskets or you can create a basket for either member of the couple. Here are some tips which will help you create the perfect anniversary basket.

There is a saying that “if nothing else works…try chocolates”. If you know next to nothing about the personality and the choice of the person you are going to gift the basket to then you can play it safe with chocolates. Couples who are addicted to tea/ coffee will love it if they are presented with hampers full of gourmet tea / coffee bags, matching cup and saucer sets and a pretty little tea pot. Al our Anniversary Gift Baskets are wrapped in cellophane, have a beautiful, hand-made bow and an  Greeting Card .