Sophie the Giraffe Collection Baby Gifts

 The arrival of a new baby in the family is one of the most exciting moment in every parent’s life and the littlest feet make the biggest footprint in their heart. Patents love to celebrate this precious moment with their loved ones and all people around them show their happiness and care by sending Sophie the Giraffe Baby Gift Basket/Set to them.

When it comes to baby gifts we at My Baskets company carefully searched for a classy and baby-friendly collection of toys, bodies and essentials for new-born from hundreds of manufacturers and finally our Sophie the Giraffe won the competition.

Sophie from France

 This iconic French toy was born on 25 May 1961 in Paris in the era that stuffed animals were the only available toys so Sophie the Giraffe immediately found its way to the European markets and became a “must have” baby gift. It did not take long that all countries became familiar with his cute and soft Giraffe not only for its smiley face but for the natural organic material, 7.5 inches tall, vanilla-scented, eye-catching color that is suitable for all babies.  

 Babies start exploring the environment and discovering the world around themselves sooner than you expect and it starts by seeing, touching and tasting everything at their disposal.  Sophie is made of a rubber derived from the sap of Heavea tree that is natural and the finishing touches paint on it is non-toxic. Its head and legs size and shape are ideal and safe to bite in a way that all babies and toddlers enjoy teething and playing with it.


Sophie stimulates all of babies senses:

 Sophie stimulates all of babies senses:


From the collection of Sophie the Giraffe, My Baskets company has chosen some best-seller popular products that all Moms love to chose for their babies. You may find and order them as you see in pictures or you can contact us to customize it for you by mixing -and-matching them to suit your preference.