Gourmet Fruit Baskets Delivery

Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets are one of the original and oldest types of gifts, not to mention they are also the healthiest source of sugar! With our fruit basket delivery, you can really show someone you care by prioritizing their health with fresh fruits. If you're short on time, consider the last minute fruit gift baskets ideas we offer to save you the headache. Adding gourmet snacks and other unique treats creates well-rounded fruit basket delivery Toronto options for every personality and preference. Surprise a loved one with a basket of sunshine right to their doorstep with fruit basket hand delivery. We offer same day fruit basket delivery for Toronto and GTA. Fruit basket Toronto ensures all fruit baskets arrive in prestine condition, ripe and ready for healthy snacking.

Fruit Basket Toronto

Our best selling delicious gift basket assortment in Toronto offers refreshing produce that is in season and ripe for the picking! We all know the adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Fruit basket delivery Toronto ensures your friends or family members are maintaining their proper intake of nutrients without them even noticing. Some excellent fruit basket gift add-ons include artisan chocolates, cheeses and crackers for a wholesome balance. Or choose from our premium loose leaf tea options for their next movie night. Save your loved one a trip to the grocery store! When ordering online, our fruit hamper delivery guarantees the fastest, most reliable fruit basket Toronto delivery experience.  

Fruit Basket Canada Delivery

Fruit basket delivery is an essential service which ensures that ripe fruit which is in season arrives fresh and ready for consumption. Fruit baskets for birthday celebrations are a unique way to gift something healthy and edible. Snacking doesn't have to be hard on the body with health conscious options and for those who want something even sweeter, we have fruit baskets which incldue chocolate, cookies, cheese and crackers. My Baskets sources fresh fruits from top-quality suppliers and we don't settle for anything less! With our diverse range of fruit gift baskets, featuring hand-picked, fresh fruits, and a variety of gourmet snacks and treats, you can conveniently shop gift baskets online in Canada. Our same day Toronto fruit basket delivery is free for orders of $100 or more. If you place an order before 11am going within Toronto GTA, then your fantastic fruit basket will be delivered the very same afternoon. All you have to do after your fruit basket order is sit back, relax and get ready to impress!

Fruit Basket FAQ

Are Fruit Baskets Good Gifts?

Fruit baskets make some of the most nutritional gifts possible! A fruit gift is nature's candy and the best way to satiate a sweet craving without jeopardizing your wellness. In fact, you're improving your body with each bite! Health conscious fruit baskets offer the purest and cleanest form of dessert. Countless wholesome treats can be made from fruit baskets, such as delicious apple pie, banana bread and fruit leather.  Squeeze yourself a glass of refreshing orange juice with your breakfast for an added dose of vitamin C. Give someone the gift of their daily 8-10 servings of tasty produce with a thoughtful fruit basket delivery.  

What Fruit Is Best For A Fruit Basket?

The best fruit varieties for a fruit baskets include apples, pears, kiwis, oranges, grapefruits, lemons and mangos. Go back to the basics with our locally-sourced, hand packaged fruit basket gift. We guarantee quality food items you already love, with a selection of niche treats that pair perfectly together. If you know your loved one is having a rough week or bedridden with the flu, nothing will cheer them up more than crisp, juicy fruits brought right to their door with Toronto fruit basket delivery. A fruit salad is nature's Skittles, so help them liven up with the most delicious source of vitamins and minerals available. Have an athlete or vegan in the family? Support them with the proper source of carbs, fiber, and antioxidants to make sure they're running like a smooth engine. When in doubt, ask which fruits your recipient prefers and request that their fruit baskets are loaded with exactly what they love

How Long Does Fruit Last In A Basket?

Fruit baskets arrive in colourful assorted fruit arrangements. You can keep fresh fruits in the fridge, transfer into a fruit bowl or keep them inside the basket them came in. The most important factors which affect the longevity and quality of fruit are storage temperature, circulation and presentation:

Storage temperature - This is perhaps the most critical factor. If you leave fruits at room temperature they can remain fresh for about 2 weeks. For lemons, oranges and grapefruits they can last at least 1 month if they are stored in air-tight containers inside your fridge. Be aware that for some fruits refrigeration can affect the taste and texture so it's best to enjoy them within 2-3 weeks and not keep them cold for too long

Circulation -  Fresh fruits as they rippen will expel gases which will get trapped if stored too long in a container. This causes the fruits to go bad faster so ensuring good air circulation during storage will help with longetivty.

Presentation - Keeping your fruits in sight and openly presented helps us remember they need to be eaten! Having a bowl of ripe and ready to go fruits on our kitchen table is the perfect reminder.

Who Should I Send Fruit Baskets To For A Gift? 

Surprise a colleague who's stuck at home with the flu or send your mother-in-law a thank you present. Our fruit gift baskets online are appropriate for any occasion, any audience, and any budget. Check out our Fruit Baskets For Mother's Day.

Below are some ideal people of interest to send fruit baskets:

Our Fruit Basket with Cheese and Compote is a picnic in a package! Deliver one of these to someone's doorway and they'll be transported to a European park, minus the travel time. Check out our Gourmet and Fruit Gift Basket for luxurious chocolate additions and delectable cookies. Chocolate truffles, brie cheese, and olive oil crackers elevate this simple basket into an elegant experience anyone can appreciate. You can always add a bottle of wine or champagne to make it more substantial and adult. Select from our premium alcohol options for customized fruit baskets.