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Spa Gift Baskets Ideas

Going to the spa is the biggest little luxury. With busy schedules, it's difficult to carve out enough time to take care of yourself. Know someone who deserves a break? Our spa gift baskets are professionally curated with the top bath and body products so you can gift someone a bit of me-time to someone who needs it. Evening taking an hour out of your week for a massage can be too much to ask for. With work, the kids' schedules, and other daily duties that seem to always be getting in the way, the only time someone actually takes a break is when you give it to them. Surprise a friend or loved one with our handmade spa gift baskets delivered straight to their door. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or just want to tell someone you love them, our spa gift ideas will give them exactly what they need - a break.

Distance yourself from life's demands for just a little bit

Our luxury spa gift basket ideas incorporate products to give a fully immersive, sensorial experience. We've sourced the most divinely aromatic and comforting body products to bring the spa to you. If you know someone who deserves some pampering, let them have it! Getting some relaxing, quality time is truly a chore these days, and self-care is the most important, underrated thing. Seeking peace and tranquility in a fast-paced society makes it challenging to slow down. With our rejuvenation sets, you can take a mini vacation without leaving the comfort of your own house. Our spa gift boxes give those who seek comfort a sense of refuge from their hectic work or school demands.

When to give a spa gift basket to someone?

Whether it's Mother's day, a birthday, or just a regular day, give someone the little luxury of a spa get away sent straight to their home. Our selection of candles and body care products make gifting easy. Our bubble bath gift sets are great for those looking for some peace and quiet. Everyone needs time for themselves. If you know a busy mom, stressed business woman, generous care taker, or stressed student, send them something they won't give themselves - serenity. A pamper yourself gift is something that isn't given enough, and you don't need an event to celebrate it. Mother's day spa basket - Mom's are always there for us, so why not give her a day off. After years of dealing with you, it's time she looks after herself. New moms alike are under a stress they've never experienced before. Under-slept and undernourished, give new mom's a sense of relaxation back so they can full focus on their new bundle of joy. Birthday spa gift baskets - Whether it be a 16th, 20th, 50th, or champagne birthday, celebrate with the luxe feel of spa time. Everyone deserves me time on their most special day!

Congratulations spa gift basket - Know someone who just accomplished something big? Send a new grad and a promoted co-worker a congratulatory spa gift to show them that hard work really does pay off. And the thing about hard work is that you get to play hard after, or in this case, spa hard! Our Rejuvenation spa gift basket features all the necessities: body wash and lotion, bath essence, body buffer, etc. From The South of France Gift Basket includes a variety of body products from Paris Pré de Provence to make sure she has everything she needs for full body care. Spa Gift Basket For Men includes Pré de Provence No. 63 aromatic lotion, body wash, soap, and body buffer all with a perfectly masculine fragrance they can also enjoy.

The most luxurious thing in life is time

That's because there is so little of it. That's why it is important to practice self-care habits. Not only is it healing for the body, but also healing for the soul. In our spa gift basket ideas you'll find candles, bath rocks, shower gel and lotion, loofas, etc. Light a candle, run your bath and add some of the body wash, and soak as long as you can with a face mask on. Go all out with cucumber slices and calming music. Turn your phone off, dim the lights, and distance yourself from life's demands for just a little bit. Everybody in today’s time is leading a hectic life. Between busy work schedules and other personal commitments, it is tough to find the time to simply relax and take it easy. While some young professionals may manage to take out the time to go on regular short holidays to rejuvenate, it is not always possible for everyone to do so easily. Getting your leave application accepted is also a major criterion after all. This is where home based methods of rejuvenation may also prove to be worthwhile.

Spa Gifts delivery Canada

If you have a good friend who has been tired off late and hard pressed for time, it might make sense to gift them something that will help them relax. Spa baskets for instance could be a beneficial option. Indulge yourself or others  with one of our Spa Gifts, spoil your loved one for your anniversary, birthday. My Basket Company offers refreshing spa gift basket collections in Canada - for her, him and couples.