Birthday Gifts For Him

Our selection of birthday gift baskets for boys and men consider two factors: what they want AND what they need. We believe these two factors shouldn't be mutually exclusive. We've put together a complete collection of the best birthday gift baskets suitable for an array of budgets and personality types. Whether you're shopping for your brother, boyfriend, or dad, we have the perfect presents for the men in your life.

Best Birthday Gifts For Boys

Bday gifts for brothers - Whether you have a little brother or a big bro, he's the one guy who's always been there. Make up for all the years of making fun of each other with our Popular Chocolates gift baskets! This nostalgia inducing, sweet-tooth satisfying basket is best enjoyed while watching cartoons. 

Birthday presents for sons - Send your son the best birthday surprise at work or his dorm room! Fill it with his favourite snacks, and if he's old enough, a few of his favourite beers! 

Birthday gifts for nephews - Whether your an uncle or aunt, you're cool in the eyes of your nephew. Get him exactly no one else will with our handmade gift ideas. 

Birthday Presents For Men

Gifts dad's birthday - The man who was there from the very beginning deserves more than a phone call. Give him a box of his favourite beers and snack he can eat while watching Sunday night football. Pretzels, nuts, and chocolates are washed down with his most loved lager in hand. 

Presents for boyfriends/husbands - Give the man of your dreams what he really deserves sent straight to his office. Choose a luxurious bottle of champagne alongside a variety of treats for him to enjoy in between meetings or on the commute home. 

Birthday gifts for grandpa - Everyone loves grandpa! Show him how much with a gourmet gift made especially for him. Write him a special card for an even more personal touch. 

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Him 

Thank him for all the times he's come shopping with you when he'd rather do anything else with something considerate. Tip: take notes throughout the year of things he mentions he likes to reference closer to his big day. 

Hobby gifts - Is there a hobby he partakes in or wishes he did more of? Support it by providing the right tools or services. He likes to fish, get his a new rod. Or if he likes adventures, take him race car driving. Giving the gift of experience is more special, especially when done together. 

Concert/game tickets - Take your brother to see his favourite musician or sports team. Have a night of fun while getting in some quality time together. Or take him to a comedy show to boost everyone's mood after the work week. 

Tech gadgets/accessories - Get him a new iPad keyboard, video game, or computer software that's both useful and fun! 

Corporate Birthday Gifts

Your boss's 50th birthday is coming up and you need to impress him. Your company's latest client is celebrating her birthday next week, Your coworker's birthday is today and you don't know what to get. Our specially-made corporate gift baskets are made to send birthday wishes to any office. We make, package, and deliver so you don't have to worry about last minute birthday gifts.