Twins Gift Baskets

Gift Ideas for Newborn Twins:

Twins may be double the trouble, but they’re also twice the fun. To make parents happy, you can cover the necessities with diapers, rattles, and clothing.

Twin baby gift ideas can seem overwhelming. When deciding the best gifts for newborn twins, gift baskets cover your bases. Mom and Dad don’t need to worry about sharing as both babies get their own belongings. There can never be enough bodysuits and swaddle blankets with twins, the more the merrier!

Double strollers and twin highchairs are perfect examples of essential tools when raising baby twins for in and out of the house.

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Although they grow up fast, the first few years require the most physical effort for parents. Making sure their kids are safe and secure in these tools are the number one priority, and our twin baby gift sets can ensure this for you. Baby monitors are also fundamental through out the house, as they also bring ease to parents from any room during nap time.

Some our baskets also include rocking and reading chairs, which are more than just decoration. As twins grow, they can use these to play with and cuddle up in!

When it comes to twins, customization is a fun way to play. Customized bodysuits blankets, and bibs are also a treat for the parents. Play with puns to get a giggle out of the adults thanks to our customizable twin babies gift basket options in Canada.

Trendy Baby Gift Baskets:

Our twin baby gift sets include some of the best plush toys, including brands such as Jellycat and Moulin Roty. The best gifts for twin babies, boy and/or girl, our selection has something for you.

Books that offer tactile interactions and implement the use of the senses help parents develop the minds of their twins. Blankets and baby dolls offer parents entertainment for their newborns without having to worry about having enough.

Sophie the Giraffe, natural, and organic gift baskets are also good options for baby twins. Sometimes you want to get each baby something different, as this also gives the parents more options to use with their babies.

We have cozy options for twins to snuggle in, especially during the winter months, as we offer knitted outfits and blankets in some of our other baby gift baskets.

What To Give New Mom of Twins:

New parents will always have their hands (and minds) full, especially with baby twins, and they too deserve a gift. Now that they have less time for themselves, self-care may be a lot to ask for.

Gifting them a gourmet or spa basket is just a small gift compared to the twins they now have, yet will bring a smile to their faces. To celebrate, send over a bottle of champagne as a congratulatory gift. A healthy basket is also a good idea, as new moms deserve to eat as well as babies do. Now that kids are in the picture, health tends to be priority for some families, and give them that gift to enjoy. Healthy snacks such as Made Good bars, vegetable chips, and dried fruit are all fun, healthy renditions of well-loved junk-food.

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