Gift Baskets

My Baskets Toronto offers gift baskets  shipping across Canada. Send presents quickly with our gift basket delivery to Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and same day delivery Toronto. With free shipping over $100, send the best gift basket ideas to a friend, co-worker, client, or family member. With options for every occasion, get free shipping on all baskets of $100 or more.

29 best gift baskets for any occasion

1. Naturally Luxe $185: Send her everything she needs for a relaxing night in! Let some well-deserved me-time show up straight to her doorstep with our creative spa gift basket ideas. Aromatic bath products will calm her mind and soothe her body when she needs it most. Perfect for celebrations and congratulations, our spa gifts are also great for Mother's Day! Wash the stress of the work week off with our European-sourced toiletries.

2. Spa For Him $160: Give him the bath and body products he's been searching for with our spa gift baskets for men. Filled with masculine scents of wood and musk, men and women both appreciate this fresh yet heady scent. These products are also great for keeping in his gym bag so he can freshen up after a long day.

3. Luxe French $100: Get transported to Paris with our luxurious spa gift baskets. Filled with hand soap, body gel, and body lotion scented with organic pure essential and made from shea butter as part of the Rue de Marli Paris collection. Bring the spa to someone who doesn't have much time in their busy schedule.

4. Happy Birthday To You: Celebrate a birthday with our selection of delicious sweet treats like birthday brittle, Godiva chocolate, and French truffles. Birthday's are meant for indulging, so we fill our birthday gift baskets with a variety of niche snacks they can enjoy. Cookies, crackers, and candies galore!

5. Champagne Birthday $150: Every birthday should be celebrated with a popped cork of effervescent champagne. Our luxury champagne gift basket ideas include bottles made with the best French grapes to ensure a light yet crisp sip each time.
Fill the birthday girl or boy's Champagne flute up to the rim with their one of our premium select choices. Wash down the included decadent chocolate down for a bougie birthday treat.

6. Birthday Wine Gift Box $110: Open this wooden box to find a gorgeous selection of red wine, creamy shortbread, French truffles, and assortment of crackers. Send someone a divine picnic through the mail with our unique wine gift basket ideas
for their next celebration, or just because!

7. Get Well Women 100: If you know someone sick in bed, send them some entertainment to nourish their mind and body. Our get well gift baskets for women include magazines, games, sparkling mineral water, and fun snacks to keep them fuelled and  happy. Who said sick days had to be boring?

8. Tea Gift Basket 100: Give the tea coinesseur the gift of sampling new loose leaf teas to find their own perfect recipe. When you send someone one of our tea gift baskets, you are also sending them comfort. Our tea blends are accompanied by
yummy snacks to elevate your next high-tea. Make tea time snack time too with a delicious combination of your warm drink and sweet snack.

9. Gourmet Baskets from Harry and David $149

9. Get Well Fruit 100: Giving someone fresh fruit sourced by local vendors to someone under-the-weather means you're giving them the proper nourishment they need to recover. Our colourful fruit gift baskets include crisp apples, ripe bananas,
fresh oranges, kiwis, pineapples and more to make delicious fruit salads or smoothies.

10. Welcome Neutral 130: Our selection of gender-neutral baby gift baskets are filled with chic cotton clothing and niche European toys to give the new parents and baby the gift of luxury. We combine what the baby needs with what the parents want for the perfect harmony of baby gift products.

11. Neutral Newborn 160: Our gorgeous cotton baby hamper is filled with organic cotton baby clothing to ensure comfortable playtime and a restful sleep. Our gender-neutral gift baskets are suitable for any event or occasion, while this one includes organic baby products for a conscious home.

12. Premium Little Boy 150: Our stand-out baby boy gift includes a three-piece knit cotton set, onesie, and cotton blanket to keep your baby warm and stylish. With books and plush toys, your child will be getting the highest quality clothing and accessories parents are sure to appreciate.

13. Premium Muskoka Girl 280: This mini muskoka chair is perfect for weekend cottage getaways. This baby girl gift basket allows babies to sit with the big kids, and is filled with adorable clothes and fun toys. With the option of personalized engraving
on the gorgeous wood, you can send a totally unique baby gift with just a few clicks.

14. Luxury Girl 300: Give the ultimate gift of luxury to welcome a newborn and to congratulate her parents. Our premium baby gifts offer only the best. This substantial wicker basket is filled with professionally curated baby products from around the world to ensure the highest quality gift. Moulin Roty plush toys, coordinating cotton clothes, and chemical-free bath products are just some of what is included.

15. Baby Toy Chest $500: This exquisite Moulin Roty wooden toy chest is a beautiful decorative and storage piece. This high-end baby gift basket is totally unique. Its unisex design captures the creative image of childhood without leaning too feminine or masculine and comes with an array of fun and educational toys to fill it with! We've included chic clothing pieces to elevate their onesie collection as well.

16. Bath Time 100: Turn bath time into play time with this adorable and creative baby gift idea. Filled with bath essentials such as a rubber duck, animal wrap towel, storybooks, fresh cotton onesie, give new parents everything they need to give to their baby.

17. Mom and Baby Box: Send new moms and their baby's the ultimate gift straight to t heir door with our mom and baby gifts. Give both of them what they need during this time with the essentials. Mom gets quality spa items while babies get the elevated essentials that will carry them out through their early stages of growth.

18. Champagne With Flower 220: Show the special lady in your life how special she is with a unique flower arrangement next to her own bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne and gourmet chocolate bars. Suitable for mothers, wives, girlfriends, and sisters, surprise her with our hand-made floral and champagne arrangements sent to wherever she is.

19. Office Sharing 220: Whether you want to congratulate a teammate on a work success or thank a big client for their loyally, our corporate gift baskets were made for office sharing. Filled with fun and satisfying snacks, send a parcel the professional way! Complete an order right at your desk so quickly, your boss won't even notice.

20. Monte Carlo: This luxurious gift basket is a grand surprise to be found on any doorstep. Beaming with gourmet chocolates and savoury snacks from around the world, this basket of best-sellers will express your sentiments on a higher level.
Perfect for giving to dinner hosts, new parents, or your significant other!

21. Red Johnnie $150: A bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label is the highlight of this gift, although the chocolate and crackers make the perfect pairing. Pour yourself and your friend a glass, on the rocks if you like, and enjoy the taste you already
know you love. The perfect gift for him, get it delivered straight to his office or home.

22. Signature Gourmet 125: Everyone's favourite, this is our most popular gift package! Suitable for any occasion, people love recieving our gift basket of the perfect amount of gourmet delights. Order in bulk for holiday or brithday parties,
work functions, or special events.

23. Corporate Wooden Box 500: This wooden trunk is packed with a variety of treats, from sweet to salty to sour! This luxurious gift is a professional surprise that is sure to make a lasting impression. Filled with exotic chocolates, divine
compote, crispy crackers, and so much more, this is the gift basket of everyone's dreams.

24. Popular Chocolate 100: The bucket is filled with the classic! Everyone's favourites since childhood, get the candy bars and chocolates you always hoped to score during Halloween delivered with just one click. Suitable for all ages,
the candy assortment is made to satisfy your sweet tooth.

25. Healthy 150: This healthy gift basket includes premium snack options that you can't even tell are good with you. Made for those with a conscious lifestyle or specific dietary requirements, we've included rice crispies, chocolate cookies,
gummy candies, chips, macarons and so much more to make snack time a healthy and fun.

26. Our Condolences 100: Made to lift up someones spirits, give someone a little luxury during a hard time. Lighten the grieving process with gourmet snacks in our sympahty gift baskets. From cheese crackers to shortbread cookies,
we've included treats that elevate mood and satisfy cravings for their enjoyment.

27. Elegant Sympathy 100: Send you sentiments and well wishes to someone who needs it was a classy gift. If you can't be there to console, send them your shoulder to lean on in the form of our Elegant Sympathy gift basket. When life gets someone
down, lift them up with our fast and reliable gift basket delivery service.

28. Merry Christmas 100: Wish someone the happiest of holidays without having to wait in a single line. Order one of our curated Christmas gift baskets and get it delivered straight to someones home or office so you can avoid the holiday rush.
Now you can enjoy the holidays too with our professionally-sourced and unique Christmas gift ideas.

29. Christmas Basket 200: We've filled this basket with extra-special treats such as Scottish shortbread, hot chocolate mix, Lindor truffles and more! Beat Santa at his own game by getting baskets delivered straight to their home without actually
having to leave your house!

Gift Baskets Ideas

When shopping for the ultimate gift, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the options available on today's market. You want it to be appreciated, useful, and considerate without having to think too hard. Regardless of the recipient or occasion, you want the gift to be well-rounded and of use. At MyBaskets, we've professionally curated different types of gift baskets to suit your budget and event needs. Browse our selection of baby gift baskets, sympathy gifts, thank you, housewarming, and corporate gifts. We've professionally curated the best gift options so you don't have to waste time going to the store, picking out items, and putting them together. We've sourced international best-selling food, baby, and pamper products so you don't have to spend a minute thinking about what makes the perfect present. With all the new and trending things appearing on the market, in stores, and on shelves, it can be difficult to find something of quality that truly expresses your sentiments. This is why we've curated gift baskets suitable for any occasion, recipient, and budget. Express your genuine feelings of content or condolence for a friend or family member with luxurious baskets that never compromise on quality.


Baby Gift Baskets - Our wide selection of baby gift basket ideas has got you covered for any situation and every price point. Whether you're welcoming a baby boy, a baby girl, or both, we have blue, pink, and neutral options to choose from. We've included on the best brands from across the globe to ensure your baby's comfort and safety. Organic cotton clothing from Silkberry, chemical-free bath and body products, and completely safe chewing toy from Sophie the Giraffe are a few of the items we include for both the parent's and baby's enjoyment. If you have an upcoming baby shower or want to send a surprise straight to the hospital, send a baby gift with just a few clicks.


Get Well Gifts - If a friend that's bed-ridden or is feeling blue? Send them a pick-me-up to lift their spirits from under the weather. Our Get Well gift baskets make recovery period and sick days a little more enjoyable with yummy snacks and fun magazines. If you can't physically be there to cheer someone up or take care of them, send them the next best thing: a care package. We've compiled entertaining magazines, fun games, yummy snacks, and carbonated water to ensure they are looked after. Send a student a care package straight to their university dorm to make sure they feel better in time for finals or let someone on your team know the office is thinking of them.  Our get well gift ideas also include our Popular Chocolates gift basket and Signature Gourmet basket because sometimes all it takes is a little junk food to feel better. 


Corporate Gift Baskets - Want to congratulate a hard working team member, welcome a new client or congratulate an old one? Our corporate gifts are curated to suit a professional relationship between coworkers or business partners so you  don't have to think twice. Filled with luxurious chocolates and artisan snacks, you can also add a bottle of wine to any gift basket to really impress someone. Have a boss who loves to golf? Send him our Premium Golf gift basket for his birthday that he will be sure to use on a sunny day or when trying to land a deal. We've sourced the most elegant brands and useful items to ensure everything will be put to use. They'll be sure to share the yummy snacks with the rest of office or keep it in the staff kitchen to grab a quick bite between meetings.


Wedding Gifts - Our wedding gift baskets congratulate the newlyweds with everything they need to start their lives together on a tasty note. Send a package straight to their new home after their honeymoon to greet them with your well wishes. Filled with gourmet snack options, feel free to add a bottle of bubbly champagne to send them a toast through the mail if you can't make it to their big day. Let the celebrations last as they've been preparing for this day for a  long time coming. Let the bride and groom know you wish them all the best with our elegant baskets made to wow.


Thank You Gift Baskets - Anybody do you a favour and you want to return the sentiment? Or just want to show someone you appreciate them and their hard work? Our thank you gift baskets are made to suit any budget so you can thank someone with just a few clicks. In a busy and fast-paced society, people forget to express their appreciation, even for the simplest of things. We make it is so it's easy for you to express your deepest thanks. Send a hard working teacher, stressed student,  or overworked employee a token of gratitude with our delicious and luxurious thank you gift basket ideas. Life is too short to not show your sweet sentiments, so thank you when someone deserves it. Feeling appreciated is the simplest way to make someone's day.

FAQ about gift baskets

  1. How much does a gift basket cost?

 When shopping for the perfect gift basket, you will need to consider many variables for your budget. Firstly, look at your needs first: who is it for, what is it for, and how quickly do you need it? Once you figure this out, the fun and creativity begins. Our online gift basket store creates a variety of baskets suitable for any occasion and price point. If the recipient is a foodie, consider one of our gourmet gift baskets, filled with luxurious chocolates and rare snacks. If you're looking to congratulate a co-worker, our curated corporate gifts include all the essentials and more. Have a friend who just had a baby? Send them our carefully selected baby gift baskets straight to their front door. Within all of our categories we've made multiple baskets fit for the high and low end of the pricing spectrum without compromising on quality. Starting at $50, you can find handmade baskets that pass our quality control standards for your next event!


  1. What is the best gift basket?

 There is no such thing as THE best gift basket, because any gift choosen by the heart is perfect. Pick something that fuses both of your personalities for a surprise that leans more personal for a close friend, co-worker, or family member. If you want to congratulate someone you know on a professional level, give one of our sophisticated corporate gift baskets that we've made especially to be sent to the office. Our premium baby gift baskets are sure to surprise new parents when they arrive home from the hospital, and will provide them with exactly what they want and need. Our gift basket ideas have a harmonious balance of the essentials, and fun, gratuitous items that satisfy the mind and the soul. Our luxury spa gift baskets are for when you want to send someone a treat they deserve, filled with bougie bath time essentials. Regardless of how well you know someone, we know exactly how to put a smile on their face.

  1.   What should I put in a gift basket?

 Depending on the occasion, we've curated the best and most appropriate items for all your event and budget needs. We take the thinking out of DIY gift basket ideas as we've done the extensive research required to curate the most well-rounded gift basket for any audience.  If you need to make a bulk order for a big holiday party, none of your guests will be disappointed with the goodies they'll receive. Avoid the pressure of birthday's and Mother's Day with our premium gifts that we've sourced through trial-and-error. We only include items we know people love receiving, and that meet our quality control standards.


  1. What do you put in a wine gift basket?

 Our selection of premium red and white wines have been careful chosen to satisfy all customers. With different options for different budgets, you can add any bottle of wine to any of our gift baskets to really amp it up. This customization can be appreciated by anyone (drinking age and above) and adds an element of elegance to any surprise. Choose a fine bottle of bubbly to celebrate someone's legality, an important anniversary, or an aptly-named champagne birthday! Adding this nice spin to any basket of your choosing makes it seem extra special. Say I love you, happy birthday, congratulations, thank you, or send your condolences with any bottle of red or white.


  1. What do you put in a Christmas gift basket?


The holiday season is always a stressful time, regardless of all the seasonal joy and cheer. We're here to make you Christmas shopping easier! With just a few clicks, you can have the perfect package sent straight to the recipients door. Bulk buy goodie baskets for your work holiday party or send family members across Canada a luxurious treat. If you don't know where to begin, we've made options for every age group, so you can get the hard-to-shop-for teens and kids in your family their ideal Christmas present. With baskets brimming with gourmet chocolates, unique snacks, beautiful baby clothes, and so on, you'll wish your Christmas shopping was always this easy! No need for the work of elves or Santa's miracle work when you have us! Lighten your holiday load with our selection of professionally curated gift ideas.

Why do we give gifts?

 History of gifting (gift baskets)

In a modern world driven by consumption, it's easy to forget that gift-giving is an ancient practice. Although different cultures have different gifting traditions, its essence is universal. One of the earliest recordings of a gift-basket giving concern the pagan goddess Eostre being carried in a basket as a sacred offering, which as been argued to inspire what is now the Easter gift basket. Another ancient recount comes from the Old Testament, where baby Moses' hid in a wicker basket for Egyptian royal family to take care of. Originally called trugs, baskets were used as a tool to story and carry supplies and food, baskets while serving great utility for shipping, storing, and carrying harvest vegetables and fresh eggs. The tradition of handmade baskets is still practiced today. Even in our modern world, most baskets are woven and wickeder by hand! The mechanics of the Industrial Age cannot mimic the artisan craft of the hand. Basket-making is seen as an art form in some cultures, like certain Native American groups who specialize in crafting baskets for gathering berries during the spring and summer.

 As the period of baskets being originally used to transport goods and valuables evolved into a practice of celebration, the contents of baskets raised in importance. Giving a basket represented well wishes, for example, giving wheat stalks wished fertility onto the recipient. This concept is still very present in our current society, although the materials inside have changed.

 The history of gift giving in general is widespread throughout time and culture, dating to pre-civilization and the origin of our species. Gifting giving in primitive culture was normally used to show love. It was also used to show status of leaders in different tribes and given for their achievements. Gift items varied from eclectic rocks, animal teeth, and plants. As the species evolved, and tools and items were advanced, jewellery and fashion items were created.

 In varying cultures, gifting ceremonies became common practice. In Ancient Egypt, pharaohs kept their gifted items in their pyramids to save for their afterlife. The Romans gave tokens to bear good luck, a practice that greatly influenced the later Medieval age for showing allegiance through dowries. Historically speaking, giving gifts were used to sustain relationships and create societal structure. The Yucatec Maya exchanged gifts for societal emphasis on the importance of the elders amongst the equality of everyone else. From 605-525 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar II built his wife, Queen Amytis, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon as a gift.

Christmas gifts

The Christian connotations of gift giving stems from the origins of Christmas. Seen in Ancient Rome, giving gifts took place in December because of the winter solstice. Romans celebrated Saturnalia as holiday, which has been a tradition abandoned. But as Christianity expanded through Roman land, gift-giving became practiced on New Year's Day. It was December 25th 336 AD that became Jesus' birthday, which the biblical Magi adorned the baby with presents. This mixed with the Advent of Saint Nicholas Day has become what we now understand Christmas to be.


The art of gift giving is still meant to communicate and express love, respect, and celebration. It has become a quotidian practice, standard for marking certain events or express certain thoughts. Rewarding someone and getting rewarded are psychological phenomena that have stood the test of time. This can be for many reasons, such as:

 - Social connection: Choosing a gift expresses a part of yourself you want to give to others, which strengthens the special bond between both of you. Extending a metaphorical piece of your love and respect emblemizes friendship, courtship, partnership, and teamwork. Although a common practice, it can also be very intimate choosing the perfect gift for someone else. Marcel Mauss in his book, The Gift, argues not getting a gift or dismissing one is essentially a rejection of the relationship.

 - Self-gratification: Although giving someone a present seems like a selfless act, it can actually be the opposite. The happiness we trigger in ourselves by putting a smile on someone's face is a selfish in the act of making ourselves happy. The giver experiences just as much joy as the receiver. It is often the giver rather than the recipient that reaps the most happiness.

Types of gifts 

There are many different types of gifts suitable for varying occasions that normally fall under these 4 categories:


  1. Practical But Pleasurable - These are normal what people need as opposed to what they want. Cash, gift cards, pyjamas, portable charger's etc. that aren't terribly exciting inherently, but still exciting to receive.
  2. The Gift That Keeps On Giving - This is normally a gift that lasts more than one use or is an experience they can cherish forever. Something like a watch, road trip, cooking class, or gym membership don't perish in value.
  3. The Thought That Counts - This age-old saying are for things thoughtful yet not useful. Things that may not align with your taste but took deep consideration. Something you will always appreciate.
  4. Fun to unwrap - These gifts are big on presentation and bring the wow factor. A big box of legos, pottery set, or digital gadget are as enjoyable to open as they are to use.


Economically speaking, retailers are greatly impacted by the profitable industry surrounding gift-giving. The months leading to Christmas can be the most profitable time of a retail company's fiscal year. What has now become almost completely commercial, a majority of people feel that there is too much attention on spending money on presents for the holiday's and Valentine's Day. At MyBaskets, we aim to focus on quality and personalization for the receiver knows your gift basket comes from the heart, as opposed to societal expectation.

Gifting Instagram Society

 The sense of being rewarded is heavily implied with every gift received. Where good behaviour is celebrated with either a material or emotional reward, people are expected to behave a certain way to qualify for one. The reciprocal response of good behaviour is further related to the idea of giving back to those that give. As gifting is part of social structure, it is always fluctuating with social values.

 We are recently exploring a new societal phenomena in the Instagram age, where people are using the platform to project their image. The display of receiving gifts has changed the perception of gift giving by creating a type of social media currency that determines happiness, commitment, or a false sense of reality. In a time where gifting is shown off for the world to see, the inherent sense of Genuity can get lost. The value is put into material items and creates a sense of commercial transaction that viewers want to emulate.  Yet, a study conducted by the University of Toronto discovered that gifting an experience strengthens the relationship with the receiver more than a material item.

These types of presents garner a stronger emotional response as they are enjoyed. The idea of transaction is resulted by the requirements created by and of society. Yet bonding over and sharing an experience with create memories and are something to look forward to are what determine the success and quality of a gift.

 The idea of gift-giving has turned into its own establishment. From countless sponsored gift guides to celebrity-endorsed goods, the best way to go gift shopping is from the heart. Adding a personal touch to your choice elevates any idea, regardless of it's price. No matter how much of how little you spend, infusing the personality of you and/or the recipient makes a special gift that cannot be copied. Sentimentality is the essence of a good gift. When people receive something from you, they are reminded of you and how they were in your thoughts. Fusing a sense of both your identities, whether it be through a common interest or inside joke, are a great way to express appreciation. Or if you know someone who wants or needs something, and isn't likely to get it for themselves, do them the favour! The consideration of even noticing is a gift in itself. A simple present can symbolize the value and status of a relationship. If you get something for the sake of feeling you have to get something, you but in minimal effort without any consideration. This may reflect your feelings towards that person or the state of your relationship to them. If you truly want to make something happy, put in some elbow grease.

Remember, it doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to show you care. Don't over or under value the relationship with an inappropriate gift. Give something they deserve without stressing over it too much. People prefer simple yet high-quality items goods that impart some sort of emotional meaning as opposed to material wealth, which people tend to forget in this digital age.