Sparkling Italian Wine Prosecco Gift

$34.00 CAD

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Bottega Prosecco sparkling Italian wine 750ml.  Great addition to any basket. Great for any celebrations, anniversary, graduation, New Year. 

Excellent in many great cocktails. It's good pairing with  pasta, risotto, fish, with pizza as well..

For people trying to figure out the difference between a bottle of Prosecco and Champagne, Prosecco is made in Italy and Champagne is from France. The difference in price point is due to the different production methods used to make the wines. Champagne has a more intensive method compared to Prosecco. However, both are equally delicious. Prosecco is a light a refreshing wine that many people favor! 

Although it tastes great on its own, its sparkling and light flavor makes it a great option for mixing. It will add a delicate fizz to your bubbly cocktail mixes. Blend together some fruits, sugar and rosewater to make a nice puree. Then pour in your Prosecco for a chilled fruity sparkling wine. 

A creative and fun party idea would be to combine your choice of fruits, sugar and edible flowers. Mix in the Prosecco and pour it all into Popsicle molds to create a sparkly fruity and flowery ice lolly. This is a great party treat, refreshing and delicious.