Birthday Gift For Her

Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

Bday gifts for sisters - You grew up side by side, so you know her best. Give her something nostalgic, like our Popular Chocolates, that's filled with Kit Kat's, Oreo cookies, Fuzzy Peach, and other well-loved treats. 

Birthday presents for nieces - Our healthy favourites snack box makes sure your the cool aunt with a mixture of healthy treats that don't seem like it! Nurture her without compromising on taste. 

Birthday gift baskets for cousins - Cousins are the friends you friends you didn't choose. Show your gratitude with our choice of spa gift baskets you guys can unwind with at your  next sleepover.

Birthday Gifts For Women 

For mom's birthday - Mom is the most special lady in your life, let her feel as such with our elegant gourmet gift basket options. Add her favourite bottle of wine to really treat her this year. 

Gifts for girlfriend/wife- Treat your girl on her special day with luxury. We've made gift baskets filled with indulgent treats, aromatic spa items, crisp wine, and fresh fruit for her to revel in well-deserved me time.  

Birthday gifts for grandma - Grandma does everything for you and the rest of the family, so thank her! She's always cooking up a storm for you, your siblings and cousins, so now give her something good to eat. 

Gift ideas for aunts - You aunt is like your mom, except 10 times cooler. Give her a birthday present with a personal touch she will truly appreciate! Make sure to add a special note to your card when you check out for extra sentimentality!

Best Presents For Her

Stationary - Everyone loves stationary, so get them customized notebooks, cards, pens, etc. for them to use at work or school. Each time they see it, they'll think of you! 

Foodie gifts - More than stationary, everyone loves food! Give them elevated versions of their favourites, like brie cheese, fruit compote, and deluxe Godiva truffles.  

Hand-made gifts - If you have a skill, such as graphic design, sewing/knitting, painting, make them a one of a kind piece! Or take their birthday present as an opportunity to learn something new and for them to have. 

Birthday's are donned with cakes and presents, happy birthdays songs and the clinking of glasses. Celebrated in the presence of loved ones, people tend to gather around the snack table, noshing on pretzels, emptying the fruit platter, and waiting for the cake to come out.

The Ultimate Birthday Party Treats

Amplify the snack table for kids and adults by providing the ultimate birthday treats! Our gift baskets for birthday parties are made with everyone in mind. We'll provide the Non-GMO chips, you provide the salsa! Sharing new and exciting snacks is our specialty, which is why we're constantly sourcing rare and niche treats for every kind of craving. Satiate your sweet tooth with our expansive round-up of candies and chocolates. If you know someone who prefers the savoury side, we've found the perfectly salted chips, nuts, pretzels, and more! 

If someone is spending their birthday alone this year, or you can't join in on the festivities, send them a personalized present for them to enjoy on their special day. Send it to their office or home for the ultimate birthday surprise. Give your boss a luxurious treat that will truly impress or a coworker a gift she deserves.