Same day flower delivery Toronto

Receiving flowers is a timeless way to show someone you care that never gets old! Sunflowers, roses, tulips, and more can brighten anyones day. Give someone some colour when they're feeling blue with a fresh and luxurious floral arrangement.
On a grey day, send some sunshine with handcrafted bouquets in vases. A new grad or new mom both deserve a congratulations, even if you can't be there. Let them know how happy you are for their milestone with handcrafted bouquets made  especially for them. Our flower delivery service makes sure to create and send the most beautiful arrangements to truly knock their socks off. Whether you have a big event or just want to say "I love you", we've got you covered.

When to send in a flower arrangement?

We don't need an excuse to send someone a fresh bouquet. It's the little things that cause a grand effect, and our flower arrangement delivery makes it so you don't even have to leave your seat. With just a click of a button,
you can send someone a gorgeous flower delivery to their office, home, or party. Don't know what to get someone for their big event or want to know what each flower means. If you can't make it to the flower shop in time, but want to give
the gift of locally grown and important blooms, continue reading to find out more.

What types of flowers do people send as a gift?

With all the different types of flora and fauna given to us by mother nature, it can be difficult to know what they all mean. Every gorgeous assortment of petals represent different concepts, some of which are:

This is a global best-selling as the most popular flower. Since they come in a variety of colours, it's easy to amp up any arrangement.

Chrysanthemums symbolize friendship and love. These strong, colourful flowers are easy to care for and are a great summer option.

Gerbera Daisies
These big blooms have petals of all colours are go-tos for expressing happiness yet they also symbolize beauty and innocence.

The lush petals of hydrangeas are versatile for giving as gifts, planting in gardens, or decorating parties.

This is the world's most coveted flower, and not just on Valentine's Day. A historical symbol, signify love and sensuality.

Aptly named after the sun, this bright yellow mean warmth and adoration, perfect to give to someone you admire and respect.

If you have a special occasion coming up and don't know which kind of flowers are appropriate, we're here to help. Not every flower is suitable for every event, which is why we debunk it for you:

Wedding - Your wedding bouquet may well just be the most important floral decision in your life. For this, there is no one appropriate flower. Get what you like for your wedding, because at the end of the day, it's all about the bride.
Stick to the colour way of your wedding scheme, match with little details or your bridesmaid dresses. Be as delicate or over-the-top as your heart desires. Play around with different sized stalks and and circumferences for a multi-
dimensional effect. Bohemian brides can add some greenery with hanging plants for a cascading effect and glamorous brides can bedazzle the stems for a diamond finish.

Birthday - Get someone special their favourite flowers on their big day! If you can't find out what they like, sunflowers are your best bet! They're extravagant without trying trying hard and symbolizing your appreciation for them.

Valentine's Day - Get a bunch of classic red roses for true romance, or go the untraditional route with colourful tulips or white roses. You know your loved one best, so go by their preference. You don't need to stick to the red and pink
colour scheme of Valentine's. This is a special day that you can get something truly from the heart instead of what everybody else says. Customize a bouquet with your favourite blooms and she will be sure to love them!

Funeral - Lillies, Gladioli, and Carnations are the most common flowers to send your condolences. Show your sentiments with these elegant plants that are most often associated with funerals. Symbolizing purity, adoration, and remembrance,
let someone know you're there for them with these beautiful blossoms.

Get Well - Know someone feeling blue or under the weather? Want to send a bold bouquet to the hospital? Choose vibrant and exotic flowers, like orchids and hyacinths, to really brighten someones mood. If someone is sick or stressed,
receiving a handmade arrangement of fresh flowers is the perfect pick-me-up to help them recover. Adding beautiful and bright colours to your surroundings are proven to be mental stimulants to boost mood.


by the outdoor sidewalk displays in Europe, we want to decorate your house with our freshly cut stems. Have a DIY with your girlfriends to make your own terrariums filled with sweet succulents and cute cacti.