2 Dozen Red Roses

$115.00 CAD

Same Day Toronto GTA delivery for orders placed before 11am. FREE Delivery (in GTA Toronto, or in Ontario, Quebec) on baskets $100 or more, going to one address.

Beautiful 2 dozen roses bouquet (24 Roses) from only the finest farms in Ecuador. They are of the best quality, and they can stay in pristine condition for up to 7-10 days!

They have a breathtaking dramatic, vibrant red colour and a sweet, floral smell. Roses are timeless and elegant flowers that represent love, courage, beauty and grace. Roses are given as gifts for countless special occasions/holidays as they always leave the receiver with the impression that they are loved and cared for by someone. Sending a bouquet of them to those close to you will surely remind them of just how much they mean to you!

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