Lulujo Knit Baby Girl Cellular Blanket

$20.00 CAD

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Pick a Lulujo knit baby girl cellular blanket to include in your baby girl gift basket. Lulujo is a trusted high quality brand that makes blankets parents can trust are safe and soft for their newborn. It is a Canadian brand, a Canadian product and is helpful to support these local businesses. Made from 100% cotton, this cellular blanket is extremely soft and consists of a gentile fabric that is conscientious of baby’s sensitive skin. Cellular blankets are known for their breathability because their design specializes in efficient airflow.

This type of blanket is not too heavy or too thin. It is just the right material for you baby to be swaddled, or lay comfortably on to rest or play. This modern chic looking blanket embodies creativity, warmth, style, and comfort. Cellular blankets are versatile accessories for mom and ad to utilize with their baby. The baby blanket is pre-washed so it is ready to use right out of the basket and can be quickly cleaned afterwards as well.