Mother's Day Fruit Basket

$110.00 CAD

Same Day Toronto GTA delivery for orders placed before 11am. FREE Delivery (in GTA Toronto, or in Ontario, Quebec) on baskets $100 or more, going to one address.

This Mother's Day Gift Basket Includes:


BANANAS - Our fruit gift basket delivery service incorporates the most loved fruits so you can make a delicious fruit salad. 

TANGERINES - With a harmonized ratio of sweet and sour to taste, fun-sized fruit is great for eating in-between meetings.

APPLES - The dip in chocolate or eating with peanut butter for a flavorful snack.

ORANGES - Get vitamin C straight from the source with this energizing fruit. Our fruit bouquet Toronto service provides options for last-minute gifting. 

PEARS - This classy option is the perfect dessert pairing. Poach or grill and top with ice cream for an easy but luxurious treat. 


DARK CHOCOLATE - Our fruit and cookie gift baskets create a balance between the different sources of sweet so you can satiate any craving with the timeless duo of fruit and chocolate. 

POPCORN - The  crunchy caramel layer atop fluffy popcorn gives an elegant twist to a simple snack. 

BRIE CHEESE - Our fruit gift baskets are best paired with top quality brie cheese. Layer crackers with our premium brie and garnish with a slice of fruit for a quick moment of escape. 

SEA SALT CRACKERS - This salty snack is great for balancing any sweetness and pairing with our luxurious cheese. 

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Along with the finest produce, we've added the finest chocolate treat to a layer of richness.