The Art of Gifting: Why We Do It

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What makes a good gift?

Our spa gift baskets have everything a loved one needs to practice some well-deserved self care. Taking time for yourself is the ultimate gift, so help them prioritize some time for themselves. Filled with aromatic bath goodies!

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Probably The Best Plush in The World For Baby's

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Moulin RotyMoulin Roty toys are designed in France with the finest materials. Each whimsical item is part of the Moulin Roty family and is made to accompany your child in every dream and adventure.

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How To Make Baby Gift Baskets

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What is the procces of making baby gift baskets? We will explain here step by step.

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Mother's Day Gift Baskets Ideas

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Mother's Day Gifts Ideas. Spa, wine, gourmet ....

We got everything.

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How to Make Professional Photos for Gift Baskets

Posted on November 03, 2018 by Bred Gilbert | 0 Comments

My Baskets aims to ensure our creations are beautifully displayed not only in person, but also beautifully displayed on your monitor or phone screen with a photograph. In fact, we have just finished a photo shoot for our new catalogue, showcasing our finest collection to date of gourmet gift baskets, all while looking absolutely stunning in person and in the picture.

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Gift For the Father I Love

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Every June, we take the time to appreciate toward the father we know and love in our lives for all that he has done for us on one very special day.

 Canadas gifts For Fathers Day

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Gift Baskets Canada Delivery

Posted on May 08, 2018 by Bred Gilbert | 0 Comments

Sending Gift Baskets to Canada? MY BASKETS will do Same Day delivery in Toronto, Next day in Ontario and Quebec, 3-5 days rest of Canada. Free for gift baskets $100 or more.

Canada Gift Baskets

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