Large Corporate Christmas Baskets Orders

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It's so Easy!

Email us a list of all the recipient’s addresses, card messages, the name and the price of each basket you want in an excel or word file. We will do the rest.


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Inexpensive Christmas Gift Baskets

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Send your warmest wishes in the cold of winter by surprising someone with the ultimate holiday present. Avoid the holiday rush by placing your bulk order with us ahead of time. 

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Amazing Baby Baskets

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The best way to congratulate newborn parents on their baby is to surprise them with an amazing baby baskets. Our new Precious Baby Boy/Girl Gift Baskets are the best gifts to spoil the baby prince or princess. 

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Gift Basket Instagram Giveaway

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Everybody likes to look at nice photos, in fact, this is one of the most important steps in a giveaway. The post should show exactly what you are planning to give out. Once you’ve chosen your product, make sure you make it eye-catching! 

Giveaway for Thanksgiving

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Top 5 Best Selling Christmas Gift Baskets

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They say the holidays is the most wonderful time of the year, but we know in reality, it's pretty stressful. From playing the role of Santa to the best host for Christmas dinner, balancing the family, work, and personal time is nearly impossible. But, Santa has his little elves for help and you have us! You can now focus on catering to your in-laws, making sure the kids end up on the nice list, and you get a full night's rest while we prepare, package, and deliver your Christmas to-do list. Now your Christmas wish will come true with actually getting to enjoy your Christmas break this year. We've compiled 5 of the best Christmas gifts so all you have to do is check out!

1. Candy Cane Holiday Basket - Kids will think the sugar plum fairy is real from the sweetness this basket is serving. Filled with an assortment of chocolates, popcorn, etc. this mix of sweet and savoury will have them singing carols until the new year. 

Christmas cheap baskets

2. Merry Christmas Gift Basket - This red and gold basket is perfect for storing xmas gifts once the snacks has been well enjoyed. From popular Godiva favourites to unique European treats, this festive gift is great for parents, grandparents, and coworkers. 

Merry Christmas

3. Monte Carlo - This exquisite basket really makes a statement. Send someone this Christmas miracle as a very special surprise. Inside they'll find gourmet decadence of every palette, where they'll taste flavours and textures unlike any other. Perfect for top clients or that special someone.

Luxury X Mass Gifts 

4. Office Sharing - This gift basket is perfect for a corporate setting. Whether it's for the office Christmas party or for your boss and his family, you'll make a great impression worthy of a raise. 

Office Sharing Gifts

5. Snowflake - This perfectly sized basket is what to get teachers, staff members, and other important people in your life this holiday season. Show your gratitude in adorable, yummy way. 

Best Sellers For Christmas

Make Your Halloween Rock

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As the leaves go from bright green to deep jewel tones, and the humidity escapes the air to turn into a cool breeze, it's time to make your Halloween rock. Turn pumpkins into jack-o-lantern's and prepare for October 31st with specialty Halloween gift baskets. Make sure tick-or-treater's get a surprise sent to their own doorstep instead of coming to yours this year with our same-day Toronto delivery! 

How To Have The Best Halloween 

This season is cooler than the last one, and much more spooky! Get your best boys and ghouls together for fun fall festivities, such as going to the Markham Fair or making a DIY pumpkin spice latte. Here are some of our favourite autumn activities:

Apple-picking: This is the season to pick the apples you'll be bobbing for at your Halloween party. 

Hiking: Enjoy a brisk height without overheating. Find a trail, put on your boots, and get lost in beautiful wilderness. Being immersed in nature turning this transitional time is magical. 

Horseback riding - Although this is fun during the summer, it's just as enjoyable during these cooler months. Look on Groupon or google to find the nearest spot to horseback ride - something just as fun solo or with a buddy. 

Learning a new hobby - The change of season represents renewal, so why not try something new? Taking sewing classes, sign up to learn a new language, or finally start that project you've been putting off for years as you begin to create a new routine for yourself.

Fun Fall Foods 

The seasonal foods have changed from stone fruits to apples, root veggies, and warm soups. Go to a local farm or farmers market to get sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, figs, broccoli, and artichokes! Some of our favourite recipes include:

Creamy pumpkin soup - be sure to save the seeds for roasting! 

Spaghetti squash with homemade tomato sauce

Artichoke hearts with peas and olive oil

Spinach salad with shredded broccoli, pomegranate seeds, and fresh figs

Halloween Gift Baskets Toronto

Our Halloween gift baskets are filled with everyone favourite sweet treats - no tricks included - such as Kit Kats, Oreos, M&M's, Fuzzy Peaches, and so much more. Get them delivered to someones home, school, or work for a not-so-scary surprise. If you know a kid that won't be able to go trick-or-treating this year because they're sick or busy, send their candy straight to them instead.  

If you know a university student who will be missing out on these ghoulish festivities, send them a Halloween gift box straight to their dorm! 

Where To Find The Best Cakes In Toronto

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How many times have you wondered where to find the best cakes in Toronto? They say you can't have your cake and eat it too, but they're wrong. Our Toronto cake delivery service makes life a slice! Regardless of your event or budget, we have the perfect dessert made to suit any of your needs. Ending off a celebration with cake is truly the icing on...well, the cake! Blowing candles and cutting everyone a slice is not only fun, but a commemoration of life's special moments. Officiate any bash, festival, or ceremony with your favourite flavour. Add sprinkles, chocolate, or a special saying for whoever and whatever your honoring. 

Different Types of Cake

Birthday Cake - When looking back at your childhood birthday pictures, every year is memorialized with an iconic picture of you blowing out your birthday cake, surrounded by loved ones. Whether it was made from scratch, from a box, or ordered from your favourite bakery, no birthday party is finished without licking icing off your face. The iconic birthday cake flavour is vanilla laced with funfetti, and topped off with chocolate or vanilla icing. But, the right birthday cake is whatever your favourite is, whether it be your grandma's secret recipe or a box of Deep and Delicious.

Wedding Cake - They say picking your partner is hard, picking your dress is harder, and picking the cake is the hardest! From choosing the flavour to the fondant, as well as staying true to your wedding theme can be slightly overwhelming. Although it's your special day, you also want to make sure your guests will always remember how gorgeous and good your wedding cake was. Your caught between keeping it safe, but boring, and going avant-garde, but satisfying a minority. Remember it's your day, do whatever you want. Or incorporate both aspects into your cake. Pick a crazy flavour like pecan mocha swirl, and keeping the decoration simple and timeless. Or go all out with a themed cake with a simple flavour like French vanilla or lemon.

Retirement Cake - Send someone off to their next chapter with a cake of their very own. Plus, the office will love having a sweet treat to munch as they bid their coworker goodbye. Cheesecake is an indulgent way of saying thank you for your hard-work. 

Graduation Cake - Say Congrats Grad the best way we know how: with a freshly-baked, moist and floury confection they truly deserve. After years of studying with blood, sweat, and tears, eating the entire cake is aptly earned. 

Unconventional Cakes - If you want a dessert that isn't cake, go for an over-sized cookie, donut tower, or tall stack of pancakes to put your candles into!

Best Places To Get Cakes In Toronto:

We love all cakes, but our favourites include Nadege, Amadeus Bakery, Bobbette and Belle, Chocolada, and Jennifer's Cakes. 

Sweet Escapes By Jen - Jennifer's hand-makes each cake fresh for each order and tailors everything to your preference. Whether you want a custom wedding cake or cool children's birthday, Jenn is your girl! 

Nadege Patisserie - This French bakery specializes in macarons, truffles, and unique cakes. Their Marie Antoinette cake is a vanilla panna cotta, maple syrup mousse, and their favourite macaron biscuits, the ultimate indulgence! 

Amadeus Patisserie - At Amadeus, we love being able to choose from their wide variety of cakes and confections, and the guarantee of top quality taste with each bite. You'll be able to find something for everyone. 

Bobbette and Belle - The artisinal goods at Bobbette and Belle offer the couture version of cake. These luxurious cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful!

Chocolada Bakery - This European-inspired bake shop has the best cakes we've ever tried. Our favourites includes the Napoleon cake, English Trifle, Chocolate Orange Cake, and Tiramisu!

You don't need to have a special occasion to enjoy a freshly-baked cake with our friends, or on your own! 

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