It's spooky season , and it's not all ghosts and goblins with our Halloween gift baskets delivery! It's also the sweetest time of the year, with people stocking up on the best treats to had out on Halloween night. Our Halloween gift baskets are filled with delicious, best-selling candies. From Kit-Kat to Fuzzy Peach, send your favourite witch or super-hero a basket of sugar. Instead of them coming to your door, get trick or treat candy delivered straight to theirs! As kids dress up in something they find better than their Sunday best, they expect to be rewarded in the yummiest form of currency: candy! 

Like children, candy comes in all shapes and sizes, so it's best to give a wide variety of options. From chocolate, to fruity, to sour tastes, most candies are all loved equally. Kids can trade to stock up on a certain chocolate bar or gummy bears. It can be easy to grab whatever is  easiest at the store, but our Halloween gift baskets are made to wow! We make it easier for you by hand-packaging and curating beautiful baskets filled with only the best. We have an array of options, from having just the classics, such as Oreos, Kit Kats, M&Ms, etc. or baskets filled with niche products from around the world. We also combine the two for a completely unique gift that is both adventurous and familiar. Kids can have something you won't find at the grocery store, while also knowing they can fall back on their old faithful. 

Reward a child for making it through a haunted house or Wonderland's Halloween Haunt with a not-so-spooky gift made just for them. Celebrate All Hallow's Eve with a treat ready for them before the big day. As your child prepares to debut their stellar Halloween costume for school the next day, give them a little treat early to celebrate or create your own tradition. Halloween is a holiday kids look forward to all year-round, and arguably enjoy more than Christmas! It's a time when the weather is still crisp, and everyone is able to express their creativity. Some celebrate the Day of the Dead or the holiday's pagan roots. Although school is still in session, going to class is far from boring! If you're lucky, your teacher will let you watch Halloween town instead of doing equations. 

Our Popular Chocolate Gift Baskets are filled with all your childhood faves, and is always a hit! If you want to go the unconventional route, choosing a savoury, fruit, or healthy gift basket options is a different way to treat someone, yet still fun! 

You're never too old enjoy the Halloween festivities. Most workplaces allow employees to participate in fun Halloween-themed activities, and even have a custom contest! Put in some extra effort your costume by going custom! Skip the generic Party City costume and DIY your own by thrifting or sewing! 

Make some fun and ghoulish snacks to take to school and the office! Some Halloween gift baskets ideas are:

Eyeball Candy Apples: Dip apples in caramel, let it harden. Then dip in white chocolate, let harden, then decorate with colours chocolate to make them look like eyeballs!

Spiders on a Log: Like ants on a log, but instead of raisins, add spider-shaped candies! 

Cobweb Cookies: Make your favourite sugar cookie recipe, and decorate with icing to look like cobwebs, add sprinkles for extra crunch. 

Halloween doesn't have to be scary! Grab some friends to do a fun group costume. If there's three of you, you can do the 3 Stooges, 3 Blind Mice, or Goodfellas! The Spice Girls, the kids from Stranger Things, and the cast of The Office are just a few ideas to get you and your friends pumped for this year. 

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