Sending Gift Baskets From Japan to Canada

November 14, 2021

Sending Gift Baskets From Japan to Canada

Interested in sending gift baskets from Japan to Canada? With My Baskets you can send gift baskets anywhere in Canada within 1 to 4 business days. We offer free delivery for baskets over $100.00 dollars. For Toronto delivery place the order before 11 am local Toronto time and receive same day delivery.

How Can I Send A Gift To Canada?

Have you ever ordered something online from another country, only to have it arrive far beyond the expected delivery date? This has happened to most of us one too many times. When it comes to international shipping, unexpected delays can be so common we’ve come to expect them. When sending gifts to Canada from Japan, these same delays may keep your luxury gift basket from getting to its destination in a timely manner.

Sending gifts from Japan to Canada, to surprise friends or loved ones with a gift basket for birthdays or other special occasions, is a generous and thoughtful gesture. Unfortunately, your cousin in Toronto or your friends in Vancouver may not receive their thoughtful gifts for weeks due to shipping delays. Bad weather, issues at the border and trouble getting through customs can all delay packages.

Even without worrying about delays, when delivering gift baskets to Edmonton or sending gifts to Montreal or anywhere throughout Canada from Japan, all international gifts are charged duty. Mistakes with courier services and sometimes even resulted in the recipient of the gift being forced to pay fees on their presents!

Unique Gifts Online Canada

Don’t worry, there is a solution! When sending gifts from Japan to Canada, the best way to surprise your loved ones in Toronto or your friends in Edmonton is to get in touch with a local gift basket company.

Sending Gift Baskets From Japan to Canada

When you contact a gifting company already in Canada, such as My Baskets, you can skip the hassle of overseas shipments and customs.

Best Gift Baskets Canada

To send premium gift baskets throughout Canada, go online to My Baskets. We offer an incredible selection of birthday gift baskets, gifts for new parents, holiday gift baskets and more. Our online order process makes it easy to order gifts from Japan to be sent to Canada for you loved ones to enjoy.

If you’re sending gifts to Toronto, get in touch with us before 11:00 AM EST and we can even have your luxury gift delivered the same day! For gift baskets over $100.00 CAD, delivery is included at no extra fee.

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