Planning a Christmas party

November 25, 2019

Planning a Christmas party for staff or employees? A selection of Christmas themed basket ideas from MyBaskets has everything you need when it comes to gift giving for every situation.

 Corporate and company Christmas parties seem like a frivolous occasion, but savvy companies know they can serve a number of important functions.

  • Company parties boost morale, and actually boos employee retention – they feel more part of the organization, like their contributions are recognized;
  • Social events inspire people to high performance, and strengthen connections and team dynamics within the company;
  • They help to build your corporate culture.

 Themed gift basket ideas

The perfect addition to the festive atmosphere of a company holiday party. There are a number of ways gift baskets can be incorporated into a company Christmas party.


  • Place a gift basket in the middle of each table at a sit-down dinner – with their beautiful baskets and hand-tied satin bows, they become an edible centrepiece.
  • Recognize special employees like sales leaders with a gift basket during that after-dinner presentation time.
  • For an in-house Christmas party, you can send a large gift basket to each department to share.
  • In a small company, you can recognize each employee with their own gift basket.

What to put in a Christmas gift basket?

We’ve done the hard work of sourcing popular and premium goodies and other products from the finest domestic and imported suppliers. Then, we put them together into a wide variety of unique gift basket ideas, including Christmas gift basket ideas for families.

  • A selection of sweet and savory treats will offer something for every taste;
  • Packaging is made for sharing, and promotes socializing at work;
  • Premium upscale treats add a note of elegance and luxury to any event.


With a range of available selection, you’ll find everything from premiums collection to inexpensive gift basket ideas. In addition to the gifts selected, you can also opt to add a bottle of wine to make the occasion even more memorable.

 Anything but everyday

Christmas gift baskets add to the celebration of the holiday in many ways. The gift basket itself is wrapped in glossy cellophane, and decorated with a satin bow. Inside, the treats themselves are beautifully packaged, many with holiday themes. What’s inside is high quality, and sure to leave the right impression on everyone from the CEO to janitorial staff.

 Gift baskets are perfect for corporate gift giving. There’s no guessing about tastes or sizes, and it’s always appropriate. It’s the gift that can never go wrong – and a great solution for company Christmas parties.

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