One Busy Christmas Season Day at a Gift Basket Company

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Working for a gift basket company; people often want a gift to convey something very special and meaningful- big or small - solely to share and express love and gratitude, to celebrate and enjoy… the list can go on and on. Gifting can really affect relationships and how people perceive each other, but for those of us who live is a large city like Toronto with busy schedules and long distance commutes Toronto Baskets Company is the best option to send someone gift for Holiday Season. Something our customers seriously consider every Christmas.

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When it comes to gift inspiration they always think what probably they want for themselves that they may give to others. They love a combination of “Food and Wine” with “Creativity”. Knowing that the holiday season is lovely but exhausting too, turning to those magical December occasions require a lot of time and energy.


This Christmas we received huge number of orders for Christmas Gift Baskets to friends, ex-colleague, managers and beloved family members who live in and out of Toronto. I cannot describe how a company with a daily order of at least hundred baskets could manage to fulfill with no delay.

 It starts with printing the orders that in less than a minute turns into a tower of papers, each with special instruction, addresses and card messages. Orders immediately categorized and handed over employees for taking actions- employees in a big warehouse full of supplies working so fast and efficiently in order to assemble the baskets. You could barely find a space to move comfortably.

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After orders completed, they had been placed in the shipping room for shipments. Opening new boxes, taping them, placing baskets, closing and re-taping them, labelling addressed and ready to go… . Arranging with different types of carriers, that in it-self is a job requires extra attention to information to avoid any mistake. The warehouse looks empty but this is temporary – lasts only an hour or two - since the orders for Christmas Gift Baskets keep coming. It is an on-going procedure.

Shipping gift baskets         Hand delivery gifts

 Some of our customers also Order Christmas Gift Baskets that are time-consuming because they are Custom Christmas Baskets with handmade nice touches. Awesome!!!

Custom Gift Baskets for Holiday Toronto

I love crafting so who can offer this handmade element with each gift better than us. We have all the skills, creativity, variety and logistic. We always believe that it’s the personal thought that makes a gift really special so thinking about the details and giving extra thought to everything about their gifts.

From the box to the wrapping to card and last but not least the ribbons and strings, is very important to us.

They love to give bottles of wine that they know a person loves but they also love thinking beyond the standard bottle of wine let’s say adding some of the items that would make an incredible drinking and eating experience, especially over the holidays.

So imagine how fast and efficient we should work to fulfill the orders. It is a two-month tiring period but everybody is so happy at the end of the day.

By Mojgan Gharizadeh



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