How to Choose the Best Gift for Everyone on your Christmas List

October 14, 2021

How to Choose the Best Gift for Everyone on your Christmas List

Finding the best gift for everyone on your Christmas list is easier than you might think. While Christmas and other winter holidays are a time of sharing joy with friends and family, finding great gifts for everyone can be a challenge. Discover simple tips to choose the best gift for everyone on your Christmas list. 

How Do You Pick A Meaningful Gift?

While there’s no one size fits all solution to finding meaningful and unique gifts for everyone you need to purchase a holiday present for, there are a number of simple tips that can help. Discovering great Christmas gift ideas may feel impossible at times, but following these tips will help make it that much easier to find perfect presents for each person on your list. 

What Makes The Perfect Gift

When thinking of Christmas gift ideas, the perfect gift is always one that comes from the right place. Not the right store or shopping mall, but from you. When you put genuine effort into getting thoughtful and personalized gifts for the people in your life, that care and consideration are worth more than the newest gaming console or a fashionable pair of boots (but they probably want those things, too). 

As long as you give every gift with the best intentions, even if they wind up exchanging it for something else, you’ve already given them the perfect gift just by showing how much you care. 

How do you Choose the Perfect Gift?

TIP #1: Holiday Shopping is a Year Round Job 

The majority of people shopping for the holidays are only on the hunt for holiday and Christmas gift ideas in the month or two leading up to the event. That puts a ton of pressure on you to find unique gifts in a very short period of time. 

Instead of cramming all your shopping into the time right before Christmas, be on the lookout for potential gifts all year round. If you see something your friend will love in July, grab it. If your sister mentions how much she would love a new video game coming out, write that down. Spreading out your gift purchasing and planning gift ideas will take the pressure off you and let you avoid the last minute holiday crunch. 

TIP #2: Give the People What They Want 

Just like gift cards, people are hesitant to give friends and family the presents they ask for. We want to use our gifting prowess to prove how well we know them, and surprise them with incredible personalized gifts they’ll adore. And while having a few surprises is always a good idea, sometimes the best gift you can give someone is the thing you know they want! It doesn’t mean you don’t know them, in fact, it just means you know them well enough to respect their wishes. 

TIP #3: When Giving Gift Cards, Style is Everything 

As with the gift they’ve asked for, many of us consider gift cards impersonal. But cards don’t have to be the last resort present if you know how to give them. Instead of just handing over a gift card in an envelope, do something extra to jazz it up. If you’re giving them a gift card to their favourite coffee shop, buy a fun holiday mug and put the gift card on the top or inside it! If the mug is big enough, fill it with their favorite chocolate for an extra sweet treat! Giving these small gifts along with a gift card help to give it a personal touch and show you put in that extra effort.

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