Gifts Delivery by Drone - Reality or Science Fiction?

February 05, 2021

Gift delivery by drones

We are getting closer and closer to where there will be gift delivery in Canada by drone; it is no longer apart of our wildest dreams or fantasies! We have seen drone delivery in science fiction and futuristic films, but this will soon be apart of our own reality. Gift delivery in Canada by drone is making more and more developments as the years have passed. Soon will be the days of sending gifts to our loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion, using a drone delivery service. We will not have to worry about delayed shipments or cut-off times for delivery with a drone available to deliver all our gifts. Our current climate is an especially difficult time now with COVID-19, so it is particularly crucial that we remember to stay connected and to show each other that we care and appreciate them now and, in the future, no matter the distance. Sending gifts with drone delivery is just the way to do that!  Drone gift delivery in Canada will be available soon to send gifts for any celebration or occasion. It is truly incredible the technological advancements and developments that have been made for delivery services.

Drone gift delivery Canada

Amazon has been testing and experimenting with drone delivery as early as 2013. CEO Jeff Bezos anticipated the drone delivery service would be available for Amazon customers by 2018, but there are still major developments and experiments being done. Of the more recent developments was in August 2020 when Amazon won the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for drone delivery. This makes Amazon the third company to win the FAA’s approval for drone delivery service along with delivery company UPS, and another company owned by Google. Amazon’s drone service, Amazon Prime Air, is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality and the new norm for customers. Soon customers will be able to have their packages of up to 5 pounds delivered by drone to backyards within 30 minutes!

Toronto-based company Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) have been making many advancements and developments of their own. They are already working on using their technology to deliver supplies for COVID-19 testing and other medical supplies across Canada. They are also working with Indigenous communities to ensure they receive adequate food supplies and to encourage Indigenous youth to become engaged with inventing and innovating technology. DDC has even calculated that a major city would need about 78,000 drone flights an hour to fulfill all orders and deliveries. With more and more involved with the development of drove delivery in Canada, gift delivery by drone will be here in the blink of an eye!


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