Gift Show Toronto 2020

January 02, 2020

Are you ready for Canada's largest gift show? 

The Canadian Gift Association (CanGift) is back with even more new products, trends and businesses! 
The My Baskets company have been attending this show every year and were able to find exclusive suppliers and juicy ideas to make even better baskets. 

"New Year, New Me", kick off the new year by getting insight on the newest design trends. Shove all that boring last year stuff back and embrace the imaginative flare. Andrew Pike will be sharing some of his juicy finds, so make sure you don't miss out!

Not only is this exhibit great for getting inspiration, it is also the best place to make business connections. Build and grow your business relationships, try new products, and meet new suppliers. We promise you that you will leave this exhibition with more professional knowledge and great business partners. 

My Baskets has always been striving for offering our customers the highest and most exquisite ingredients in their baskets. A gem that we were able to find at this huge exhibition was Ma's Kitchen. 
"Crunch" is their specialty. Their homemade buttery caramel candies are mixed with fresh almonds and pecans. This mouth watering candy is then topped with a generous amount of white, dark or milk chocolate and more pecans, almonds or cashews. One bite from this bar of goodies will leave you wanting more. 

Another supplier that we were blessed upon was Sprucewood Cookies. They bring shortbread cookies to a whole new level. Buttery, soft and baked with natural flavors, this was exactly what My Baskets was looking for!

You can bet that the buyers from My Baskets will be attending this event again. We will be looking out for even more suppliers and products. We can't wait to expand our professional relationships with new and existing businesses. Hopefully this year we will be able to find other gems like Ma's Kitchen and Sprucewood to add to our basket collections. 

We highly recommend any businesses to check out this event. Free admission from Jan 26 - 30. Register now and start sourcing!

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