Gift Baskets For Teachers

Teachers Gift Baskets

Teacher's are the greatest givers of all time. They give care, education, and influence and spend the majority of their time with your children. They practice patience and perseverance and teach good habits and determination.  A good teacher holds a hand, opens the heart, and strengthens the mind. They get to know your child's ways of thinking and point of view while nurturing their perspective. They give them the proper tools and skills they need for more than 40 hours a week. They deserve it a little more appreciation because sometime it goes unnoticed. Thank them for all they've done during the school year or wish them a happy holiday. If you know a teacher that's about to enter maternity leave, wish them good luck on their new journey! 

What To Give To A Teacher:

Teachers deserve the best. After spending the majority of their day at school, teaching kids, give them a gourmet gift basket to indulge in at home! Or they can keep extra snacks in their desks to keep them satiated during snack time. Decadent chocolate truffles, creamy cheese and sweet compote, and crispy crackers are better than the standard apple or granola bar. 

Ideas For Teachers Gifting

Our spa gift baskets are exactly what a teacher needs on a long weekend or holiday break. Filled with aromatic products meant to soothe the mind and body, your child's teacher can recharge and relax after a stressful, manic school day. They also deserve a break from homework, so give them the gift of some luxury. 

Best Gift Baskets For Teachers

Teachers give a lot without taking much. Show them your appreciation for their service and all that they do with our perfectly-curated gift baskets. Choose one within your budget to give for Teacher's Day or holiday break. Give them some good wine and cheese for a weekend off. They can enjoy alone or with their friends! Or give a big snack basket for them to keep in the staff lounge to much on in-between classes.