Brand Spotlight : Jellycat

Posted on July 31, 2017 by My Baskets Toronto | 0 Comments

Jellycat baby plush

My Baskets using this extraordinary plush in manny  baby gift baskets, and we have lot great feedback from happy clients about this baby plush.

Bashful beige popular Jellycat Bunny and Lamb are gorgeous stuffed animals that are incredibly soft, cuddly and durable. The fur is soft and the long lovely floppy ears are irresistibly cute. Once you grab these animals in your hands you want to squeeze and play with them endlessly and never want to let go. Light weight and perfect size for toddlers. The best part about this Jellycat Bunny and Lamb is that no matter how hard you play with them or squeeze them, they bounce back to their original shape. Even after washing the fur keeps its highest quality and still super soft and snuggly. They stand up well and the neutral color of this plush is suitable for both baby girls and baby boys. This collection comes with matching texture book with amazing stories and illustrations all moms love to share with their babies. So adorable babies instantly fall in love with. Their best friends for babies for years. 

This is one of baby baskets with Jellycat plush inside. To buy this baskets click here - luxury baby baskets.



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