Send Gift Baskets From The U.S. To Canada

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Are you ordering a gift basket to be sent to Canada from an U.S. address? You have a few options on going about doing this, but your best one is to order from a Canadian gift basket company. Avoid expensive shipping fees and delivery delays.

Send Gift Baskets In Canada

Find a local supplier you can trust. If you want to send a gift basket to Toronto, order from our local Toronto gift basket company to get same-day shipping on all orders made before 11 am. Or get fast and reliable shipping on options for the
rest of Canada on every order you make. Save yourself the hassle of crazy shipping and handling fees and inconvenient shipping policies when you can avoid all of that with out Toronto central gift basket service. Whether you're in California or Wisconsin save yourself time and money with our creative gift basket ideas.

If you need to send a gift basket to your cousin in Calgary or a client in Toronto, browse our professionally curate gifts for any budget or event. Congratulate newlyweds with our wedding gift baskets or new parents with our adorable baby gift baskets. 

If you're planning to send luxury gift baskets to family over the border during the holiday season, our beautifully hand-wrapped packages fit perfectly with the holiday theme, showcasing only the best traditional holiday and Christmas goodies. 

If you're parents or in-laws reside in BC or Quebec, send them gift baskets for their birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, or just because! Just because you can't be there to give them a gift, doesn't mean they shouldn't get one. 

With just a few clicks, you can  get a beautiful gift basket sent anywhere in Canada from the convenience of your location. 

 Say I love you in style this Valentine's Day with our premium gourmet or spa gift baskets she or he will love! 



Send your Love in Style with a Get Well Soon Baskets Gift

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Get Well Gift Baskets

Everyone gets unwell some day and during these moments your spirit is crushed. However much strength you try to muster, you will always feel down when fighting the flu or any other disease. Well, you might have the best medicine or care in the world but if there is no one around helping you to fight, the recovery might take longer than expected.

Making a Difference with A Get Well Soon Gift Basket

 Showing that you care can make all the difference and it doesn’t take much. A get well soon gift bShowing that you care can make all the difference and it doesn’t take much. A get well soon gift basket goes a long way in shoring up their spirits. While there are many other get well soon gift ideas you can go for, get well gift baskets from My Baskets work magic. These baskets are prepared and packed with both beauty and functionality in mind.

A get well soon gift basket is the ultimate gift for a friend, colleague or relative who is under the weather for many reasons.

Get well gift baskets delivery

Why Choose a Get Well Soon Gift Basket?

If you have been wondering what to get as a get well soon gift, there are some reason to go with My Baskets get well soon gifts:

Uplifting packaging: A get well soon gift is well packaged and it is designed to cheer up the sick person. The basket is creatively done in warm and bright colors that will instantly light up the room and the mood of your friend.

Functional gift: When choosing the contents in a get well soon basket include practical items including snack mixes, green tea, Sudoku puzzle book, get well teddy bear, flower bouquet and cream caramels.

Delivery: If you are not available to deliver the gift basket personally, it is now possible to find a supplier who does this. When choosing a gift supplier, make sure you confirm about shipping and any cost involved.

Personalization: You can easily personalize the gift pack to include items that the ailing person loves. For instance, if they love the Game of Thrones, why not surprise them with an episode they haven’t watched yet?

pWhen shopping for a get well spoon gift basket, make sure you know what your friend is suffering from. It is also advisable to take time to learn their best flowers to make the best impact. A good gift supplier will have a variety of colors and items to choose from. Whatever you do, make sure any edibles you add are fresh and always take to learn what the ill persona person loves.

Brand Spotlight : Jellycat

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My Baskets using this extraordinary plush in manny  baby gift baskets, and we have lot great feedback from happy clients about this baby plush.

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Brand Spotlight: Mondovino Aperitivo Crackers

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Mondovino Crackers


Artisan means made with care and skill from quality ingredients using quality time methods to make delicious biscuits and crackers for everyone to enjoy.

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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Fine English Water Crackers

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Fine English Crackers

Flame-baked in a flash for a toasty finish, crunchy texture and agreeable nutty flavour.

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What to Write in a Birthday Greeting Card?

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While a birthday greeting card represents the easiest way of expressing your feelings for the recipient, most people simply get stuck when required to compose a message that conveys their sentiments appropriately. 

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Healthy Organic Gift Baskets

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So many people this days care abouth healthy food and snacks. With good reason. My baskets ofering quite few choises you can send to people who like organic healthy snacks. This is one of them.


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