What to Write in a Birthday Greeting Card?

October 01, 2014

Few examples of birthday greeting card messages:

 1. Birthdays make for terrific beginnings! Here’s a toast to your brand new life! Have an amazing and fulfilling life ahead.

2. Your birthday is the magical key to a wonderful treasure chest of boundless happiness! Explore and get ready for some of the best things are on their way!

3. You are forever in my thoughts irrespective of the season or any reason! But your birthday reminds me of you even more! Happy Birthday to the world’s most adorable gal!

4. Memories are to be cherished and treasured. Create great memories on your birthday with friends and family.

5. Happy Birthday to someone so elegant, charismatic, gifted and witty! Thank you for being so much like me! This wish comes your way because you are very much like me.

6. With every birthday comes the thought that there is so much more to attain and achieve. Think big and before you even realize success and happiness will be all yours.

7. You are a bundle of joy! Add to your joys by having a super party tonight! Happy Birthday!

8. Enjoy your special day to the fullest! Have a gala time with pals and family!

How to Write Birthday Greeting Card?



While a birthday greeting card represents the easiest way of expressing your feelings for the recipient, most people simply get stuck when required to compose a message that conveys their sentiments appropriately. It is important that the message you pen down reflects not only your feelings but serves as an extension of your personality and the reminder of the special relationship between you two. After all, a birthday card’s purpose is to act as a substitute for your personal presence on that special day.


Think Before You Write


When you want to compose a birthday greeting card message, it is very important that you evaluate how you would like to convey your message. Things that you write should really appeal to the recipient as being characteristic of you and do justice to the special relationship that you share. Customised messages also need to take into account milestones such as the 50th birthday or even compensate for having forgotten the birthday altogether!


Birthday Greetings of Every Type


When you want to keep it short you can just write out a birthday wish that could be as straightforward as “Happy Birthday! With lots of love and affection” To make it more personal, you could include the name of the recipient. Just remember that if the card has already a printed “Happy Birthday” message on it, you should neverrepeat it.


Another popular way of wishing is to extend your wishes for a memorable and fun day. A touch of humour to the message makes it stand out more. It may be worthwhile to go through the cards in the gift shop for one that already contains a witty message that makes it unnecessary for you to worry your head off for something funny to say.


Make Your Message Thoughtful For Best Impact


A great way of making an impact with your birthday card is to wish the person not only a very happy birthday but also, a successful and happy year ahead. You can always keep it general or even include any particular thing you know the recipient would like to achieve in the coming year. If you happen to be far older than the person you are sending the card to, you could think of adding words of wisdom to show that you really care.


Birthdays are perfect occasions for paying compliments and on a card you can always be far more expressive than in person without causing embarrassment. You can also capture the spirit of joy and laughter in a birthday card by including jokes, goog-natured teasing, and light-hearted wishes but be very sure that you know the person well enough to be certain that they will not take offence.


If ever you have a doubt on any issue, it is always better to avoid it.Remember the intention of sending the card is to add to the happiness of the recipient; the content is limited only by your imagination and your knowledge of the personality of the receiver.

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