Thank You For Your Referral Gifts

June 14, 2019

Send Thank You Note With A Great Gift

Thanking a client, employee, or manager for their corporate referral or help usually takes a different tone than the one in a generic thank you card. Give the proper and professional thanks they deserve with something more substantial.
Thank a divorce lawyer for their legal service, a contractor for their physical labour, a real estate agent for their patience, or a doctor for their compassion. Whenever someone helps you with a professional task or favour, it's important to express your appreciation in a considerate and respectable matter. Your thank you should match their task, so opting for something luxurious is safe and risk-free. A bottle of premium wine or a fountain pen all suffice, but may miss the wow-factor you're looking for. If you've been working together for a long time, or know them through a referral from a friend, maintaining your work relationship is sacred. When showing your appreciation, finding the medium between extravagant and simple may seem difficult. It doesn't help that the gifting market has become convoluted with trendy novelties and cheap products. It's best to stick with what you know. Refined classics with a modern twist are both tasteful appropriate. If you want to send a client a congratulatory gift to welcome them on board or to a coworker who landed a knew contract, give them something useful AND elegant.

thank you gifts

Maintaining your professional personality while staying on brand may seem difficult to do, which is why simplicity is key. But basic doesn't have to mean boring. Gift baskets are the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Say "thank you for your referral" with something more than a plain wine. A gift made for the office can be enjoyed during break or with the rest of the staff, which creates a lasting and grateful impression. Gourmet snacks that have been sourced from  around the world have a delicious sense of culture and personality to your gift, while premium wine adds an elegant balance. The beauty and practicality of gift baskets lies in the limitless customization. Tailor your gift to suit your relationship with and personality of the recipient or client to make it perfect to a T. If you just landed a deal, you can send one immediately from the comfort of your board room. You are an extension of your company's culture, so make it count.
If you know a doctor that has changed your or a loved ones life, thank them with a luxurious fruit, wine, and/or cheese basket. With their busy schedules, it can be difficult to make time for a quick bite, yet they need the sustenance to
execute their job properly.

What do I send as thank you for your referral present?

Your options are endless here and it boils down to our relationship with the recipient. Is it strictly professional, strictly personal, or a bit both? Be sure to keep it classic by dialing down the risk-factor, but balancing that with
amplifying the quality. Add in a little something that reflects both of your personalities or an inside joke you might have. Be creative or keep the process simple, the choice is yours. If you know the recipient well enough to know what they need, opt for a spa gift if they need to relax or a gluten-free gift if they have any allergies or preferences.

How to send a thank you referral basket?

Our specially-curated referral baskets are made to order to be customize. Swap out products for other or just click 'n go from one of our various options. We offer free shipping on all orders of $100 or more, and same-day delivery to all Toronto
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