Send Sympathy Gift Baskets

March 04, 2018

Send Sympathy Gift Baskets


Condolences Gift Baskets

 What To Give As A Sympathy Gift?

When someone is trying to overcome a loss, provide them with the best. We've carefully selected the yummiest treats from around the world to give a high-quality, great-tasting gift that is sure to be appreciated.
Nothing says you care then our nourishing and comforting foods. Make sure they are getting proper nutrition with our healthy gift baskets, filled with best-selling gluten-free snacks and the freshest fruit. In times of low-energy,
give them a boost with a variety of snack options. Lighten their load by providing fun and new essentials for them to try. Distract them with our spa gift basket options, that include luxe body products.

What To Write In A Sympathy Card?

During times of mourning, you want to make sure your sincerest wishes are sent across. Avoiding being unempathetic or phony may be difficult, so we provide some examples that best express our well wishes:

- Sending you our deepest condolences, we are with you
- You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, our sincerest sympathies.
- So sorry for your loss, may they rest in peace.


Sympathy gift baskets are the traditional way of sending your best wishes and thoughts to those you care about at a difficult time. Traditions, like this one, come into being and continue through the years for a reason. Sympathy gift baskets can say a lot to your chosen recipient without words, and that’s just the approach you are looking for during time of bereavement, when many other types of gifts or tokens of esteem might be seen as problematic or inappropriate.

 An elegant and beautifully wrapped gift basket filled to the brim with the finest chocolates, artisan cookies, and other sweet and savory treats sourced from premium Canadian and international suppliers offers the recipient your best wishes and a sense of comfort. Your thoughtful gesture will bring them a few moments of luxury and indulgence during trying times.

Friends & Family

If you can spend time with bereaved friends or family, a sympathy gift basket lets them know that your thoughts are still with them even when you have left their presence. They will continue to feel your care and concern. If you can’t make it in person, then a sympathy gift basket conveys your warmest wishes with a tangible offering of upscale treats. For family, friends, and close co-workers in difficult circumstances, a sympathy gift basket is like sending them a heartfelt hug.

 Corporate Clients & Associates


When it comes to corporate gift giving, a sympathy gift basket is an appropriate way to recognize a difficult time for clients and associates in their personal lives. Even if your ties are entirely business related, rather than personal, it’s still important to maintain good relations by recognizing their loss. Marking an occasion of bereavement with a sympathy gift basket sends your valued business contacts a token of your respect, and can go a long way towards maintaining good relationships. An attractive gift basket filled with gourmet treats will be appreciated and is sure to leave an impression.

 A Bright Spot at a Dark Time

When people are coping with grief and loss, we often struggle to find appropriate and helpful ways to show we care and make a difference. A sympathy gift basket will remind them of your best wishes and support every time they look at it, or sample one of its delectable treats. With so much disruption in their lives and many unwelcome details to attend to, many people neglect their own interests when they are grieving. A sympathy gift basket is one way to help take care of family, friends, and others in your life who are going through that experience with a simple gesture.


Sympathy gift baskets are a thoughtful choice at times of bereavement, and one that shows both your caring and your esteem. They are never out of place, and will be welcome in any type of household, business or institution. When troubled times come, they are naturally upsetting to everyone involved. Choosing a sympathy gift basket is an easy decision that is bound to leave the right impression and send just the right message of caring and respect.

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