How to Give Thoughtful Gifts

January 10, 2022

How to Give Thoughtful Gifts

Giving thoughtful gifts that your friends and family members will appreciate is one of the best parts of any gifting occasion. While most people love giving and receiving gifts, some struggle with how to give thoughtful gifts that they know their loved ones will cherish. 

Why Is It Important To Give A Thoughtful Gift?

At some point in our lives, almost all of us are going to receive a gift that we just know they put absolutely no thought into. If you’ve ever been given something that was clearly regifted, or bought last minute just so they wouldn’t show up empty-handed, you know how disappointing it can feel. 

When we exchange gifts with the people in our lives, it’s supposed to be a time of excitement and joy. We spend time picking out things to gift someone, making lists of what they like and need. When someone doesn’t use the same time and care for us, it can feel hurtful. That’s why it’s so important to put thought into the gifts you buy. People who give thoughtful gifts know it’s not just about the present, it’s about showing loved ones you care. And last-minute gifts send a very different message. 

Thoughtful Gifts For A Friend

When looking for meaningful things to gift someone, the only way to ensuring you’re giving thoughtful gifts is to actually think about the recipient and what they want. It seems straightforward enough, but many people disregard this simple rule. It’s tempting to gift people items that we like, under the assumption that they’ll like them too. Or we put off our gift planning and wait until the last minute. 

At times like these, it may even be better to give an IOU than show up with something you clearly purchased 10 minutes ago when you stopped you fill up your gas. Of course, the best option is to ensure you have time to plan your gift-giving, and then go out and purchase something with more than 30 seconds of thought. 

Best Gifts To Give Someone

One of the best habits held by people who give thoughtful gifts is to always be on the lookout for potential presents. That can mean a few things. Whether you’re looking for things to gift someone throughout the year, keeping an eye out for items that your friends or family members would love whenever you’re shopping, or listening when they discuss things they need or want. Even if your friend doesn’t have a birthday coming up for six months if she’s just told you how much she wants a new coffee maker, make a note of it! People are constantly expressing a desire for things they want but won’t buy for themselves, and simply taking a moment to jot memos is a great way to be prepared when an occasion to give thoughtful gifts arises.

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