November 19, 2015

Custom Gift  Baskets

Custom gift baskets are the way to go this year! Especially for corporate gifts, a custom gift basket can include any item you want to add, like company specific merchandise, to send to employees or clients. A custom gift basket adds a more personal touch than a generic gift basket. 


Custom gift baskets are a choice way to make your recipient feel special and appreciated, whether it be family, friends, colleagues or clients. Instead of sending a generic gift basket, a custom gift basket can be personalized to include items your recipient truly enjoys over items that are sent as part of pre-made gift baskets. This will ensure your recipient loves every piece inside their gift basket! 

Many businesses choose to send custom gift baskets to employees and clients as it is a great way to make your recipients feel appreciated, but also a great marketing opportunity. Custom corporate gift baskets can be personalized to include company merchandise, with some popular inclusions like personalized face masks, stationary or apparel. Living in a virtual world, a classy and luxurious custom gift basket delivered right to your employee or client's door with your own company merchandise within is a professional and courteous gesture to gain esteem. While most of our corporate gifts include wines and alcohol already, these beverages can be customized as per your requests to satisfy yours and your clients' taste. Whatever idea under the sun you may have for your corporate gift basket, we will do what we can to make it happen because your satisfaction is our number one priority! 

What are the best gift baskets to send? 

If you're asking what are the best gift baskets to send, your answer is a custom gift basket. Custom gift baskets delivered right to your recipient's door filled with gourmet foods, beverages and other products of your choice is the ultimate way to make your recipient feel special. Personalized gifts are always more special and endearing to receive. Rather than send something generic, design it yourself and build the best luxury gift basket for any occasion, whether it be a custom birthday basket, anniversary, congratulations, or corporate gift basket. Included in all of our gift baskets are only the best quality food products, from local and international brands, that are top rated amongst our customers and reviewers. With a custom gift basket, you can include any item or items you wish, or build a basket with our existing items to cater to your recipient's taste. 

What are the best corporate gifts?

The best corporate gifts are the ones you put together yourself! This may sound like a chore, but MyBaskets makes building custom luxury gift baskets for corporate occasions simple and stress free. Choose from a long list of premium gourmet food, alcohol, self-care and so many other products, and build the basket you feel best represents your business to whomever you choose to send them to. Whether it is for a virtual corporate event or a special occasion or holiday, a custom corporate gift basket is undoubtedly guaranteed to wow your recipients. Best of all, you can include your own company merchandise to add a special touch of company spirit to any basket. And, it's great marketing! A corporate custom gift basket is the clear choice! 

The Process of making custom corporate gift baskets

Example 1.

Well known dentist clinique from Toronto, wanted only the best. We provide them with baskets they love, and more important, they clients love them to. We were very happy to have a chance to do creative job. We sent picture to our client and get back this respond and approval: 

Thanks for sending the photos. Looks great.

Gift baskets customasation

This is the end results:

Making custom gift baskets

Example 2.

Our client order from us for their corporate clients 2 different designs.

Instruction we get from them:

 "I’ve broken it down by each basket type and which companies need to receive these baskets.  I’ve also included the list of items that will be included in the baskets, along with the additional items that I will be shipping to you to be included in the baskets.  We’ve previously discussed which of the original items will be removed from the baskets, but please let me know if you need me to resend this information. I’ve highlighted the Brix chocolate for wine in the ‘Gift Basket with wine’ column.  Since we no longer have wine being included in the baskets, but rather, Prosecco, I’m not sure if this item should be included.  Please let me know if the Brix chocolate would go well with Prosecco or if it is specifically for wine.  Based on your recommendation, we would either like to include it in the baskets or have it removed.    

In terms of the additional items, the holiday cards are personally addressed to each company.  Please ensure that the holiday cards are shipped to the appropriate locations. "

We listen to them, made the baskets ( they send us custom branded items  they want to be in the basket). We did the rest. At the end baskets look great, and we have feedback from them:

That’s fantastic! Thanks so much once again.

 No worries at all.  Yes, I’m sure Christmas season is very busy for your team.  We really appreciate you taking on such a large order with a short deadline.

 I will definitely keep you in mind for future orders. Thanks kindly, Leanne

Take a look at the baskets.

Champagne custom gift baskets

Football custom gift baskets

Final product with the custom bow.

Customize the gift baskets in Toronto

Where to buy custom gift baskets in Toronto?

Example 3.

During the Holiday Season we had a lot of requests to make custom gift baskets for our clients. If you give us week or so, we can do so many customizations to your baskets. We can customize the ribbon, make a label with your brand on it, or even place your own branded items ( like book, magazines, etc.) in our baskets. You can also add wine or champagne.

Here is one example that we did recently:

One of our clients liked this basket:

However, The client wanted to add their own items like headphones, a book and a magazine. They sent us all these items, and we made them look beautiful in this basket! 

After the customization, the basket looked like this:

After that we added our hand made bow (which they picked!) to make them ready for delivery.

We sent the picture to the client, and they said this:

 "It looks beautiful! You have done a great job. Thanks again for a great experience and putting together the beautiful baskets!"

We did the delivery on day they wanted, sent them the delivery confirmation, and then this E mail come back to us, which made us very HAPPY!


"Wonderful!  Thank you so much for handling this.  We have heard fabulous feedback from the recipients – they were very impressed.

 Thank you again! I look forward to working with you again in the future!"

 My Baskets can help you make a custom gift basket for any occasion!

For more information, contact us at 416-421-7437 .

Custom Gift Baskets for individual orders

We don't do customization  only for  corporate orders, we do custom baskets for individual orders to.

Here is the one example. And feedback for that one. Nice feedback.

Following  senders instruction we made this custom basket.

This is feedback we got from the sender. Almost to good to be true.

I wish to express my TOTAL COMPLETE SATISFACTION for my SYMPATHY BASKET ORDER for my Aunt ...... in Mississauga received this week. 

She called me today, very excited to have received this BOAT SHAPED BASKET, with all the contents as per my order, and of course, it definitely was "A-PICK-ME-UP", it just made her day!!!! She LOVED ALL ITS CONTENT, and it made her feel she was eating "FOOD FOR THE ELITE SOCIETY", naturally she'll be using this basket and the glass jars.

I will certainly recommend this company to anyone interested in GOOD HIGH QUALITY GIFT ARRANGEMENTS, such as mine !!!

Sorry, I'm unable to post this on FACEBOOK, for privacy protection reasons, but I'll authorize you to use this e-mail, omitting my name, replace with another, for this business services clients' feedback.

Have a super day,

Client, Ottawa, On Resident

Another example of gift baskets, after we ad some flowers, to make the basket even more appealing.

Flower gift baskets 

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