The Luck Of The Irish – St. Patrick’s Day Gift Basket

$50.00 CAD

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This Luck Of The Irish Day Gift Basket includes:

Guinness Beers – Three cans of the distinctive dark brew from Dublin, Ireland. This dark beer is a dry stout with a creamy and rich flavour. Taste the craftsmanship of two centuries of beer making know-how.

Gourmet Potato Chips – Gourmet chips made from potatoes grown in the Fraser Valley, BC. The potatoes are sliced, flavoured with natural seasonings, and then kettle cooked to crispy perfection. A snack treat that’s actually good for you.

Crackers - Did you know crackers tastes amazing with beer? Make sure you pair them up before you finish everything.

Pretzels - Give the crowd a bowl of pretzels so you can keep all the rest of the good snacks to yourself.

Wooden gift basket – A large, stylish gift basket with handles on each side. The basket can be reused to hold small items or as a decorative planter.