St Patrick's Day Gift Basket

$100.00 CAD

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This St patrick's day Gift basket includes:

Guinness Beer (2) –  Water, barley, roast malt extract, hops ,and brewer's yeast  make Guinness beer  a quality drink. Silky black to very deep black color with a silky medium head in a can of 440ml. Smell is light for a stout, but taste is strongly delicious and chocolatey. 

Heineken (2) - Taste the refreshing European culture from this distinct and Delicious brew from Holland. 

Hardbite Potato Chips –  Hardbite potato chips grown in well-know farm in Fraser Valley. They can be commonly served as a snack, side dish. Carefully packaged a twist of salt with this chips in greaseproof paper bags of 150 g. No GMOs, trans fat, gluten and cholesterol.

Pistachio -  The most nutritious and straight up delicious nuts in the world, it's no surprise that the pistachio has been declared the nut of the year. High in protein and fibre. Nicely packaged in a stand-up pouch of 90g.

Crackers -  Made from Italian recipe and delicately shaped cracker that has its own unique look. Crackers are individually baked. Super crisp in texture, and delicate in flavorEach package comes beautifully complete with a ready to serve presentation tray (130 g).


Pretzels - The most popular shareable snack to have at a party. If you haven't tried it yet, it tastes better with some honey mustard dipping sauce.