Sophie The Giraffe Teether

$29.00 CAD

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A popular and charming selection For teething! Sophie has a beautiful vanilla aroma which will encourage the baby to use it's teether more often.

Made in France, Sophie the Giraffe is the most popular toy for babies. When you receive Sophie the Giraffe, it is to be a baby’s first sensory development toy; it is a toy that stimulates each of the baby’s senses. This toy is one that will allow a baby to explore, wonder, and discover so many great things within his or her senses. A baby’s sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell are all awakened when playing with Sophie the Giraffe!

The squeaking sound produced by her will not only teach babies about the concept of cause and effect, but it will also help babies stay amused.

Made of only natural rubber and food paint, from her ears, horns, and legs, Sophie the Giraffe is a perfectly safe toy for a baby to sooth sore gums when teething.

Sophie the Giraffe will soon become a familiar toy to a baby, from her dark spots to her pink cheeks. Her simple visual aesthetic will make it easy and simple for a baby to recognize her to a baby.

Not only does she have long legs and neck that are easy for a baby to grip, but she also is very soft to the touch for a baby’s small hands.

A unique aroma of natural rubber, made from the Hevea tree, makes it even easier for a baby to identify Sophie the Giraffe among all of a baby’s other toys.