Seasons Greetings Christmas Sleight

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A stunning Christmas keepsake overflowing with a collection of seasonal favourites evoking a feeling of joy. Timeless holiday gift includes:

LINDOR GIFT BOX: Classic Lindor chocolate balls from Lindt. Three flavours (milk, dark and hazelnut) are combined into this gourmet box of utter perfection!

GODIVA CHOCOLATE: We all love a fine piece of chocolate, right? Of course we do! Better yet, we all love to find such a rich and decadent piece of chocolate in our gift baskets! This milk chocolate bar from Godiva is such a lovely and elegant piece to this basket that your recipient will absolutely adore. Such a rich, creamy and elegant piece of chocolate will absolutely just melt in your mouth from start to finish!

Lamontagne Chocolate takes this traditional snack of chocolate almonds that we all know and love to the next level with Caffe Latte almonds! These gourmet almonds are coated with a decadent and delicious coffee-flavoured layer you will absolutely adore. This treat is definitely one you have not tried before, but are completely missing out on!

ITALIAN SORINI TRUFFLES: Milk chocolate on the outside and a cappuccino filling on the inside. Chocolate and coffee has never tasted better!

HOT CHOCOLATE: A creamy hot chocolate mix from Saxon Chocolates is just what you've been looking to have during those cold winter nights by the fireplace!

GHIRARDELLI: Chocolate and peppermint. A classy combination fit for everyone to enjoy during the holidays!

COOKIES: Leclerc's bite-sized cookies are treats that you are not going to absolutely love! These cookies might be small, but they are sure packed with lots of flavour! These cookies are oatmeal flavoured, coated with rich and real milk chocolate on its bottom. These cookies are free of Trans Fat, Peanuts, and are made using only the finest ingredients.

TRUFFLES:  These absolutely delectable chocolate French truffles made with real cocoa are all chocolate-lovers dream! They may be small, but they are packed with so much of such an absolutely amazing chocolate flavour. Coated in a thin layer of coca powder, these truffles really do go to the next level and they are perfect to eat individually or to add to your snack platter! 

CARAMEL POPCORN: This caramel popcorn from Spudniks is one that you are going to absolutely adore! From the minute you open the bag and get a whiff of that sweet scent, to when the light and airy popped pieces reach your tongue, this treat is truly so delicious, you are going to want to just keep eating and eating! Spudniks caramel popcorn.

PRETZELS:  These salty snacks are ones we all know and love! Twisted salted pretzels have been a part of our snack tables and party platters for years, and it’s because of their absolutely fantastic flavour and texture! This snack is perfect to eat on your own, or to share with your guests at your next gathering; no snack table is complete without that traditional salty snack of pretzels!

CONTAINER: Seasons Greetings Sleigh

Gift basket comes perfectly wrapped in cello with a customized gift card topped with amazing Christmas hand tied bow.