Receiving Blankets Set Baby Boy 4 Pack

$18.00 CAD

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Receiving blankets set baby boy 4 pack is the perfect package of soft fabrics to gift to new parents and their newborn. 100% cotton, this set is a cut of premium high quality cloth. Receiving blankets are awesome gift ideas because they are necessities for parents looking for a functional and multi-purposeful gift for their baby.

The primary function of receiving blankets is swaddling. This technique plays such a large role in nurturing and caring for your baby girl because swaddling creates a womb-like environment which stimulates security and safety. A baby is most at ease when they are tucked in surrounded by soft materials, comfortable on the skin. Parents can also use receiving blankets as a play mat if their baby girl is at a friend’s house, or even if mom and dad are at the park and they need something to lay down on the grass, either way, the blanket is light enough to commute with and can be of service in a multitude of situations.