Premium Muskoka Chair for Baby Girl

$310.00 CAD

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 Premium Muskoka Chair Baby girl gift set includes:

BABY SIZE MUSKOKA CHAIR: Crafted from real Ontario pine wood, this child size Muskoka chair will add a distinctive note to your nursery décor. It’s built to be durable, with authentic details, and should last for years to come. It’s a nursery heirloom piece for your precious new arrival with a genuine Canadian flair.

WHITE KNIT SET: A cute knit set in white that includes: 

COTTON SWEATER: Such a cute little sweater will keep your baby warm from arm to arm. Cotton knit to achieve only the best and warmest feeling, your baby will absolutely love this piece of clothing.

COZY PANTS: Missing that perfect pair of pants for your newborn in his or her fashion collection? These little pants are made using only the finest cotton and knit to ensure a 

WARM HAT: You know your little one needs help keeping their body warm. Small babies don’t yet have the ability to properly adjust their own body temperature. That’s where this cute blue hat can help. Slip it on and baby’s head will be snug and warm. The hat is made of super soft 100% cotton knit that is machine washable.

SOFT BLANKET: Whether baby is sleeping or it’s just cuddle time, both you and baby will enjoy the wonderful warmth and softness of this blanket. The blanket matches the romper set in an adorable pastel blue, with a contrasting woven edge. It’s made of soft 100% cotton and is fully machine washable for worry-free use.

SHORT SLEEVE BODY SUIT: Nap time or play time, baby will be ready for the world in this adorable short sleeve body suit. The pale blue body suit is crafted from premium 100% cotton in a fabric that is super soft and gentle on baby’s tender skin. You’ll love the feel of it too as you cuddle and care for your little one. On the practical side, it’s fully washable, so you won’t have to worry about any little accidents along the way.

LARGE PLUSH BUNNY: The Jellycat Bashful Bunny is super soft and while it’s a cute addition to your nursery décor, it’s meant to be cuddled by your little one. Jellycat bunnies are made with tested details that are safe for any age, including newborns – but please don’t leave it in their cot or crib. Your Jellycat bunny can be washed by hand only – not recommended for machine wash or dry cleaning.

BABY STORY BOOK: Read this enchanting story book to your little one – it’s never too early. Reading to your child has so many proven benefits, including helping to boost their language skills. The book is colourful and contains an upbeat and positive story you and baby will love.>

 Welcome the arrival of a new baby girl by this luxurious Premium Muskoka chair. This precisely cut and handmade chair is made of Ontario dried pine wood and it is completely kids size. The natural unfinished color of the wood allows you to use it in neutral or paint it with the color of your choice. It is also water resistant making it possible to use by the pool or the lake in summer times. The additional high-quality essentials are carefully chosen to satisfy all parents. This chair will remain in the family for years and the sender will always be remembered by the recipients.

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