Holiday Snack

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Ideal for sharing with family, friends, and co-workers, this attractive gift box contains a selection of premium treats. Packed in an attractive red box and decorated with red and green ribbons, it’s the perfect way to kick start a holiday mood.

This Holiday gift basket includes:

CHOCOLATE BAR – A classic milk chocolate bar. Made from premium ingredients by award-winning Canadian chocolatier.   A creamy texture and rich chocolate taste combine in a luscious recipe.

CARAMEL POPCORN – Gourmet popcorn covered with sweet, creamy caramel coating. Set out a bowl and snack as you chat with family and friends. Just the right combination of crispy and sweet.

COOKIES– A classic snack gets a gourmet makeover with premium ingredients. Delicious sweet cookies for a wholesome treat. Made for sharing, talking, and enjoying each other’s company during the holiday season.

CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS – Premium whole almonds covered in luscious chocolate coating. Sweetness and crunch combine in a snack favourite sure to please family and friends. Leave them out in a bowl for the perfect snack anytime during the holiday season. 

PRETZELS - Premium pretzels  (100 gr bag)

SMALL COOKIES - Oatmeal great tasting cookies.

TRUFFLES:  These absolutely delectable chocolate French truffles made with real cocoa are all chocolate-lovers dream! They may be small, but they are packed with so much of such an absolutely amazing chocolate flavour. Coated in a thin layer of coca powder, these truffles really do go to the next level and they are perfect to eat individually or to add to your snack platter! 

CONTAINER - Red beautiful wine box.