Healthy Favorites Gift Basket

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When you want to send healthy gift basket full of healthy treats  this is a great choice. Deliver a wealth of great goodies made from real food, packed in this captivating basket.

This Healthy Favourites gift basket includes:

MADE GOOD CHOCOLATE CRISPY RICE SQUARES - Get the equivalent of one serving of vegetables, along with a sweet taste treat in Made Good Rice Squares. Made with organic ingredients, including whole grains, and low in sugar, They are free of common allergens, gluten free, nut-free, and vegan. Best of all, they taste great - a crispy chocolate chip snack.

ROASTED PEA POPS - A crunchy, delicious, and healthy alternative to chips and other snacks with little but calories to offer. Made with roasted - never fried - green peas, and naturally flavoured with a bold wild ranch seasoning for a taste sensation. Grown and made in Canada from all natural, sustainable, and traceable ingredients. Gluten free.

HARDBITE CHIPS (SWEET POTATO) - Crispy kettle cooked chips made from sweet potatoes grown in British Columbia. Crafted in small batches to ensure quality and flavour, and lightly salted to enhance the natural flavour. A gluten free snack that you can feel good about.

GINGER CANDY - Ginger candies by Gem Gem, made with all natural ingredients, including real mango flavour, for a bold taste. It's candy that's good for you-imagine that. Spicy, sweet, and chewy, they are gluten free, and crafted with real Indonesian ginger. Get the spicy zip of ginger and sweet mango in the perfect blend.

PATIENCE DRIED FRUIT - Organic whole dried cranberries from Patience & Co. Enjoy the goodness of juicy whole cranberries, sweetened with apple juice for a natural treat in a convenient snack format. It's the perfect source of energy for a pick-me-up no matter what time of day you need it. Gluten free.

GOURMET DARK CHOCOLATE - A Canadian-made bar of deep, dark, luscious chocolate. Crafted from the finest ingredients for a smooth as silk texture that melts in your mouth. A classic dark chocolate bar that is perfect for sharing.

PRETZELS - When you need to cut that annoying late-night salty craving, the go-to guilt-free snack are these seasoned twisted pretzels! Keep them in your snack drawer for a savoury treat any time of day! 

Your gift basket selection comes in a classic white rectangular box that is reusable. It will be delivered wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a hand tied bow, along with a personalized gift card.

For today's healthier lifestyles, here's one of our popular healthy gift baskets, packed with upscale treats made from the best of ingredients by makers who care about what you eat. We've specially picked out an assortment of treats for our gluten free baskets, made with organic and other natural ingredients that satisfy snack cravings the healthy way.

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