Coffee Gift Basket

$110.00 CAD

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When they can't start their day without their morning brew, this coffee gift basket is the perfect sentiment for the coffee lover in your life. Includes an assortment of treats and sweets to pair with every cup they enjoy. 

This Coffee gift basket includes:

PREMIUM VELVET SUNRISE COFFEE 400 grams - Locally roasted coffee from Toronto, this premium blend will have you ditching the drive-throughs to enjoy this sweet and savoury velvety brew instead. Only the best coffee shops in Toronto use Velvet Sunrise. Much better than any Starbucks or Tim Hortons coffee because they are better by far!

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Who doesn't love buttery shortbread? Especially with the perfect cup of coffee. These gourmet cookies pair great with coffee and tea beverages for a little added sweetness. 

MILK CHOCOLATE - Gourmet pure milk chocolate bar. A traditional favourite for those with a sweet tooth, this creamy and sweet milk chocolate will become your new guilty pleasure.

PRETZELS - Delicious seasoned twisted pretzels made from simple and natural ingredients, giving you the perfect option for a salty, savoury snack.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Elegantly dusted chocolate truffles lightly coated in fine cocoa powder for those with a sophisticated sweet tooth. 

ARTISAN CRACKERS - Crispy and crunchy thin baked crackers, great for stacking cheeses or veggies for the perfect appetizer to serve to guests.

CHEESE BISCUITS - Paired great with a cup of coffee or tea, these savoury cheese biscuits are made from real Canadian cheddar and accent your sweet flavourings for the perfect blend of sweet and savoury.