Classic Wine and Roses Wooden Crate

$270.00 CAD

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This Classic Wine and Roses Wooden Crate includes: 
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BERINGER CABERNET WINE (750 mL) - Incredible Cabernet Sauvignon wine from California. Upfront notes of red fruit, dark cherry and juicy plum are contrasted against subtle layers of vanilla and spice with a woodsy undertone. Bold and fruity, this jammy California Cabernet is positively scrumptious. 

LUXURY ROSES - Impress your loved ones with a charming arrangement of 12 luxury red roses. An enchanting display of roses is a classic gift for the most important people in your life. 

COOKIE IT UP - Perfect for dunking in milk, tea or enjoying on their own, these crispy and think chocolate-chip cookies make for an elegant and delightful snack. 

CHEDDAR SHORTBREAD BISCUITS - The buttery cookie and cheesy boldness make this a shortbread biscuit as you've never had it before. 

PRETZELS - Perfectly salted twisty snacks. Pair great with an assortment of dips. cheese, or other appetizer foods.

GOURMET COLLECTION - Enjoy a selection of gourmet collection shortbread cookies. Soft and buttery and baked to perfection. 

PREMIUM TRUFFLES - Delicious French-inspired truffles made with premium chocolate ganache and lightly dusted with fine cocoa powder. 

MILK CHOCOLATE- Proudly Canadian and locally made in Quebec. A delicious bar of pure milk chocolate offers the simple taste of creamy, smooth chocolate in every bite. 

PREMIUM BRIE CHEESE - Soft and mild, this creamy brie cheese from Costello Premium Cheeses is perfect for serving alongside a selection of gourmet crackers. 

SPRUCEWOOD HANDMADE COOKIE CO - Every bite of these scrumptious shortbread cookies from Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. is packed with butter and simple deliciousness. 

CARAMEL POPCORN - Salty and sweet, this caramel popcorn is the perfect snack.

DARK CHOCOLATE - Complex and delicious with just a note of sweetness.An elegant bar of 70% dark chocolate. 

MUSTARD WAFERS - These scrumptious gourmet wafers are infused with sea salt and just a note of mustard for a bold and delicious snack. 

OLIVE OIL AND SEA SALT CRACKERS - Crunchy, baked to perfection artisan-style crackers, seasoned with sea salt and olive oil for a simple, but elegant taste.

URBAN SNACK NUTS - An assortment of nuts make for the perfect salted snack. 

WOODEN CRATE BASKET - Friends and family members will absolutely fall in love with this premium wine gift and elevated wooden crate basket. Stylish and unique, this premium wooden basket adds extra elegance to this upscale gift. 

All of the wooden wine gift boxes in our collection make for ideal gifts to the people you love. Put a smile on the faces of your loved ones when you use our roses and wine gift box delivery to have wine gifts delivered right to their front door.