Classic Champagne Gift

$210.00 CAD

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This classic champagne gift includes: 

LUXURY FRENCH CHAMPAGNE (375 mL) - Enjoy a bottle Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial champagne. A pale wine that's delightfully bright and fizzy on the tongue. Hints of honey and caramel complement the tastes of green apple and citrus fruit in every sip of this luxury French champagne. 

ENCHANTING ROSE BOUQUET - Twelve red roses delicately arranged in an artful bouquet to create an enchanting arrangement that's made to be gifted on special occasions. A wonderful bouquet of a dozen red roses is a time honored way of expressing your happiness and joy during times of love and celebration with the people you care for the most. 

Raise a bubble filled glass of Moët & Chandon French Champagne and toast to celebrations, success and love. This classic champagne and roses gift is the best way to share your day with the people you love.