Metropolitan Christmas Hamper

$325.00 CAD

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This Metropolitan Christmas Hamper with delivery in Toronto and Canada-wide includes:

FINEST RATTAN HAND WOVEN BASKET – A beautiful hand-woven rattan basket is the feature item of this top-quality Christmas hamper. Modern design and intricately interlaced for a chic design piece with vintage allure. On top of elegantly supporting the heaping contents of this Christmas hamper, this fine rattan basket is completely versatile, working as an accentuating feature to any room in your home or to store books, magazines, or other household items. It's a piece that will catch the eye of each and every guest and the possibilities for use are endless! You won't remember how you got by without it before!

LINDT LARGE BOX OF ASSORTED CHOCOLATES A holiday favourite by Lindt Lindor, including assorted types of chocolates with fillings. Made by Swiss chocolatiers using superior ingredients. Ideal for passing around the office or at family gatherings.

PREMIUM VELVET SUNRISE COFFEE 400 grams - Smooth and velvety coffee blended in Toronto and used only by the top city coffee shops! 

BISCUITS - Mignon wafers filled with hazelnut cream. A product of Italy. 

PURETEA - Loose leaf tea with unique taste thanks to natural and simple ingredients. Made in Canada. 

MA'S KITCHEN AMAZING CHOCOLATE - The most delicious, homemade style chocolate bar you will ever taste, with natural ingredients and mouthwatering taste.

HONEY MUSTARD BISCUITS - Verduijn's wafers baked with aged Gouda and hints of honey and mustard taste for a sophisticated sweet and salty snack.

BRIE CHEESE – A tin of imported Brie cheese from Denmark. With its creamy texture and light flavour, Brie is a favourite on any cheese tray. Perfect with your favourite breads or crackers, and a luscious treat baked and then served with fruit compote.

DATE & HAZELNUT TOAST FOR CHEESE - Baked to perfection for a crispy and delicious snack, these English-style crackers pair perfectly with any hard or soft cheeses.

MAPLE SMOKED SALMON – Genuine British Columbia salmon, smoked using all natural flavours, and then embellished with a maple glaze. A buttery texture and delicate flavours in perfect harmony. An upscale treat sure to please even the finest palates.

OLIVES - Spanish cocktail olives from Andalusia, Spain of premium quality. An excellent accompaniment on any appetizer or charcuterie spread. 

WALNUT, HONEY & EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL CRACKERS - Made by The Fine Cheese Co. these expertly seasoned crackers are the perfect accompaniment to your top cheese choices.

CHEESE BISCUITS - Cheddar Cheese biscuits from Sprucewood are crunchy and crispy, and will satisfy all of your savoury cravings!

COOKIE IT UP  -Nothing can quite compare to the deliciousness that is handmade cookies from Cookie It Up. 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Famous truffles from Godiva Chocolatier.

ASSORTED NUTS - Urban Snack assorted nuts includes a mix of pistachios, almonds, cashews and more for the perfect energy booster snack on-the-go! 

CHIPS - Handmade artisan potato chips Canadian made in British Columbia from only natural ingredients, cooked in small batches for premium flavour.

SHORTBREAD SPRUCEWOOD COOKIES - Maple Shortbread made with all natural ingredients. No preservatives, tree nut and peanut free, and kosher certified. An upscale treat with a amazing taste. (180 grams)

GODIVA CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS - Godiva dark chocolate encapsulates crunchy almonds for an upscale sweet and salty snack. 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE COVERED CASHEWS - For a twist on chocolate covered nuts, these Godiva chocolate covered cashews are a new spin on an old classic.

PRETZELS - You know and love them. They're the classic salty snack. They're twisted salted pretzels of course!

CRACKERS  -These olive oil and sea salt flavoured crackers are crunchy, crispy, and pair perfectly well with all of your favourite spreads, dips and cheeses!

CARAMEL POPCORN - The number one pick for a sweet and salty snack, it's Spudniks caramel corn! Salted popcorn coated in creamy caramel. 

DARK CHOCOLATE - For those with an elevated palette, this 70% rich dark chocolate bar made in Quebec is the perfect sweet treat.

CHOCOLATE - A little taste of elegance is added to your gift basket with this delectable bar of milk chocolate.

TRUFFLES  -French chocolate truffles are gourmet little treats that you will absolutely love from beginning to end!

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Every dessert-lover's dream, soft and buttery shortbread, baked to perfection into bite-sized biscuits. 

MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES - A Canadian spin on a classic cookie, Sprucewood maple shortbread cookies are the perfect blend of buttery and sweet.  

This Metropolitan Christmas Hamper is an elegant hand-woven Christmas hamper that is bursting with only top-quality local and International products. With free same-day delivery in Toronto and reliable delivery Canada-wide, this Metropolitan Christmas hamper is sure to spread Christmas cheer as the most thoughtful and enjoyable gift anyone can receive! This hamper includes a taste for everyone, from creamy gourmet brie to mouth-watering French cocoa truffles that complete any holiday feast!