Care Package for Him

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Everything needed for him, snacks, brain games and tea!

This Care Package for Him includes:

Magazine - One Men’s Health Magazine on new tips and health tricks. 

Word Puzzles - Got spare time or just need something to take your mind off of things? The perfect brain exercise and activity. 

Loose Tea Leaves - Premium quality tea to relax the mind and body. 

Carbonated Water - Perrier, Sugar-free, and calorie-free carbonated sparking mineral water that’ll quench your thirst. 

Oatmeal Milk Chocolate Cookies - The perfect combination of oatmeal and milk chocolate, bite-sized but delicious.

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers - Olive Oil and Sea Salt crackers, with the perfect amount of crisp and the perfect size. Pair it perfectly with cheese or any dip. 

Chocolate Latte Almonds -  Heavenly chocolate covered almonds with a layer of coffee latte chocolate giving it an irresistible taste. 

Organic Dark Chocolate - A rich and indulgent chocolate bar to fix any chocolate craving. 

Twisted Pretzels - Twisted and bite-sized, the classic snack loved by all ages. The perfect snack to balance out the sweet and salty in this package. 

Chocolate Covered Pistachios - The perfect combination of salty and sweet! Perfect pistachios covered in chocolate with a dash of sea salt. Dreamy, delicious, and addictive, you won’t be able to stop!