Breakfast Tray Gift Basket

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This Breakfast Tray Gift Basket includes:


Tortilla - Organic blue corn tortillas with flax seed. Less fat with a pinch of sea salt (300 g)

Italian Crackers -   Italian style crackers seasoned with rosemary and olive oil. Crispy and crunchy with mild flavour and aroma (130 g)

Artisan Crackers – Artisan Elsa Story crackers delicately seasoned with rosemary and olive oil. Non-GMO and Kosher (57 g)

Butter Toffee Peanuts -  Trophy's butter toffee coated peanuts with both sweet and salty taste (227 g)

Elsa Story Cookies -  Home made style, all natural ingredients,  and no preservatives gourmet cookies. Exquisitely crumbly and soft (86 g)

Cheese crackers - Crunchy and crispy trans-fat free treats made from a high quality aged Swiss cheese.

Chips - All natural potato chips from BC farm, non GMO (150 g) 

Green tea -  Organic high quality pure Chinese Green tea leaves each individually packed in all natural tea bags (30 g)

Ginger thins - Great Sweden made ginger thins cookies

Wooden Tray -  High quality folding wooden tray for easy storage. Comes in natural finish (Open dimensions 15”L  x 9”W x 9”H)


 Breakfast in bed, Afternoon tea or coffee, A movie night in front of the TV can be more enjoyable with these gourmet breakfast table. This tray comes with delicious treats suitable for breakfast and afternoon tea or coffee. The tray can be used in home with your favorite meal on it.


Gift set are presented in cellophane, greeting card and hand tied stylish bow.


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