Baby Boy Swaddle Blanket 2 Pack

$19.00 CAD

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Choose this baby boy swaddle blanket 2 pack as the most lovely gift included in a customized gift basket. Appropriate for new and existing parents, the set of two allows parents to not stress about saving onto one and maintaining on, but rather have the luxury of cycling between the two, when one is in the wash, the other can be played with, used, or wrapped freely. Your baby boy will enjoy his time spent wrapped tightly in a 100% cotton fabric.

Feeling nice on his skin, parents will turn to the blanket to soothe, settle, calm, and give him a sense of relief and ease. Babies naturally want to move their arms and kick their legs because of an involuntary motor response, the swaddling technique keeps a baby secure soundly so their startle reflex is not upset, and they can sleep with a peace of mind. The bonus of getting two high quality fabrics in one package just makes life more convenient for parents to switch from blanket to blanket.