25 Christmas Gift Baskets for $1,350

$1,350.00 CAD

Same Day Toronto GTA delivery for orders placed before 11am. FREE Delivery (in GTA Toronto, or in Ontario, Quebec) on baskets $100 or more, going to one address.

25 gift baskets delivered to your front door. Buy gift baskets at wholesale price, with free shipping to your business or home address (only to one address) 

This price is for gift baskets only (delivery to one address)

TRUFFLES: These rich French chocolate truffles will melt in your mouth. Soft and creamy, they'll hit the spot.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE: This soft and chewy classic is what we always come back to. Who doesn't love them?

PRETZELS: A salty snack to compliment the sweet, you can eat these alone or mix with chocolate if you prefer sweet with a little savory. 

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS:  Lamontagne's Caffe Latte chocolate-covered almonds are a crunchy indulgence. The coffee-flavoured chocolate shell is the perfect compliment to almonds. 

OATMEAL COOKIES: Celebration cookies from Leclerc are bite-sized and perfect for snacking. The oatmeal cookie with a chocolate shell coating the bottom will have you eating handfuls. 

POPCORN: Caramel popcorn isn't just for the fair. This sweet 'n salty snack is a quick way to satisfy both cravings! 

HOT COCOA: Saxon's hot chocolate mix is a creamy, delectable treat for a night in by the fireplace! Winter isn't the same without a warm mug topped with marshmallows.

LINDT MILK CHOCOLATE: The perfect holiday gifts, these crowd favourite truffles remind us all of the greatest time of year.